Sunday, September 14, 2014

Buyer's Remorse: Dalek Edition

Finally found the third series of the Doctor Who 3.75" figures, only at Toys R Us rather than Walgreens. It's cool to see Toys R Us carry Doctor Who stuff, but they're charging $5 more than Walgreens... Although Toys R Us is still cheaper than other places I've seen previous waves at.

And unlike Walgreens, Toys r Us is carrying Wave 2 and a wave of 5 inch scale Daleks. The 5" Daleks cost the same as the 3.75" ones, which is... I don't even have the words.

But it allowed me to finally collect the last of the rainbow colored Dalek designs from season 5.

Of course buying all this stuff ended up pricier than I had expected. So I'm probably going to return some of it, especially if I find the same figures at Walgreens for cheaper. Seriously, some Walgreens have the figures on buy 1 get 1 half off, which makes the average figure half the cost of what Toys R Us is charging... Of course it's difficult to find any at Walgreens so it's a tad moot...

Oh, but I did find two Daleks after checking 5 Walgreens.

Amy Pond

Walgreens is going to carry Doctor Who toys. Part of me thinks this was part of their plan to reclassify thaelves as a British company to avoid paying taxes. But now that the tax dodge was cancelled due to fear od mass boycotts, I can look forward to being able to buy Doctor Who merchandise in a physical atore that isn't Hot Topic.

So far all I've been able to find are some aonic screwdrivers and 3.75 inch Amy Pond. Surprisingly, she features more articulation than her 5 inch counterpart or any other Doctor Who figure in this scale. She has a bicep swivel, ball shoulders, cut wrists, knees, cut ankles, and a head that isn't hampered too much by te sculpted hair. It's a shame that so many joints on plastic in this scale makes the figure feel very flimsy. i keep expecting to tear it apart every time I twist a joint. I feel like half the cut joints are falling out of their sockets. That's the biggest downside. As a plus? The face sculpt isn't horrible.

Fair trade-off? You decide.

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Ionix Pokemon figures are out. These are pretty much just Tenkai Knights transformable bricks except they turn into Pokemon (or Ash Ketchum) instead of generic warriors.

Pikachu doesn't transform from a regular brick but rather from a round ball thing that unfolds into hemi-spheres which you can attack Pikachu parts to. Kinda disappointing for $6.

But I'm a sucker for Nintendo licensed brick figures... As my continuing purchases of Mario K'nex can attest to. 

The Impossible Set

I love that Character Options/Underground toys is continuing to produce 5 inch figures, albeit irregularly. It means I get a Clara figure in the scale I prefer. Sure, she comes in a two pack with ridiculous packaging that is basically two cards glued back to backso it  takes way too much space and wastes so much cardboard and plastic in order to justify packaging together these two characters; Oswim from the Asylum of the Daleks episode and the Doctor wearing a costume he only wore in the Snowmen episode. 

Whatever, the fact that there's a headsculpt of Jenna Coleman means we'll probably get more Clara figures. After all there's already been 2 Ace figures, 3 Leela figures, 2 Jo Grant Figures, 3 Brigadier figures... If they can get away with getting more use out of a headsculpt to create new box sets, they will. I'm guessing we'll be getting a 12th Doctor / Clara set eventually. After all, they already did a 12th Doctor headsculpt for the regeneration figure coming out soon.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pizza Planet Truck

Remember the Pizza Planet Truck from Toy Story 2? Well now he's a Cars character! Combining your favorite Pixar series with your most hated Pixar series! 

Look, I only like Cars for the resulting toys, and when the toys are as ridiculous and inside jokey as this, it's almost enough to justify giving Larry the Cable Guy a paycheck. And I hate that guy.

Pulp Fiction

I'm not sure if I like the other Pulp Fiction minimates, but I do like the ones of Jules and Vincent, so this two pack is perfect for me. 

The only downside is that Jules' burger and shake are molded in his hand and there are no alternate hands. Lame.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Blue Beetle

I have some Gamestop credit, so I thought I'd try my luck with the Scribblenaut  Unmasked blind box figures. They only had 1 box from Wave 1 left, and it was already half opened. But Wave 1 has some very appealing figures (like electric blue superman) so I just bought the thing. To my delight I got one of my favorite DC characters ever: Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes).

So that was awesome.

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