Sunday, July 31, 2011

Things I didn't know were out

So, like I said, I went to rich people Target. And they had stuff I had no idea they were releasing, let alone that it had come out.

They've brought back 12 inch GI Joes! And one of them seems to have Kung-Fu Grip! A shame I went through my 12 inch figure desire revival 3 months ago. Over it now.

Scout Class (Or small but not key chain small) Star Wars Transformers! If they release an AT-anything I'll get it.

I never wanted a camera that only took video from the POV of a car driving down a Hot Wheels track more than I have right now. Also, even with shitty resolution, good spy camera?

"This? This is just the toy car I carry around for luck. I'm just going to wave it over your top secret plans for luck."

Wall Track. For those people who are either pressed for space in their abode or for people who want a really bad idea for wall decorations. Actuall, if I felt at all comfortable with Taping a track to my wall I might look into this.

And Finally, can I just say that the Arkham City Batman in the Batman Legacy wave looks horrible.

The Two-Face ain't that great either. The Movie Masters Jim Gordon looks awesome.

buyer's remorse for the last weekend of July

There are two Targets in my city. Sadly they're locally known as the rich people's Target and the poor people's Target. I pretty much live across the street from the poor people's Target. They're toy aisle right now is in poor shape. Bare shelves with occassional common peg warmers. So today I decided to checkk out the rich people's Target and of course they've got all the new toys. Batman Legacy, Mario Kart K'Nex,, Young Justice, Assassin's Creed 4 inch figures, Monster High playsets... So much stuff.

So I ended up spending more than I usually do. And of course now I have buyer's remorse. What will I keep? What will I return?

Incidentally, let me just say about the Mario Kart tracks, I wish I had known that the tracks would come with cars and figures. I probably could have saved a lot of money. On the other hand all the tracks come with motorized cars that require batteries rather than the pull back motors from the stand alone sets. And I hate toys that REQUIRE batteries. But the carts are included and that makes the price go up, way up. So I wouldn't be shocked if I don't get that many tracks. I basically got this expansion track because it can be turned into a complete track for the pull back cars and because it was the cheapest.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Head swaping fish man

If you remember, I got a Hal Jordan figure in the lot I picked up from eBay. But since I hate Hal Jordan I took off his head so I could put another figure's head on it. Since then I haven't found any heads that would make it work, but the other day I realized that I actually did. In fact I got it just a little bit before I got Hal Jordan.

If you'll remember the Naut Kei Loi figure came with an alternate Medphyll head, but I preferred the Naut Kei Loi head. I've been looking for a cheap new body to put the Medphyll head on, but then I realized, hey, why not just use the Hal Jordan body.

Well because Medphyll is shown in the comics to have the two toed feet from the Naut Kei Loi/Medphyll figure. But then again, Naut Kei Loi is a character I have no familiarity with, so I figured, screw it Medphyll can have the two toes and I'll put Naut Kei Loi's head on the Jordan body.

And it all worked out swell. Even if Naut Kei Loi is a bit shiny... but you know I bet that works to his advantage on a fish world.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Max Charge Kilowog

So when it was revealed that the constructs from the 4 inch movie figures were compatible with the DCUC figures if you got the adaptor that came with Kilowog I knew I'd have to get a Kilowog. But then I realized I REALLY HATE the 4 inch Green Lantern figures (or really any Mattell 4 inch figure) so I was waiting for a sale. And then I saw a sale for like $1 off and I picked up a Kilowog.

Which makes it hilarious that I ended up returning that figure and instead bought this one for full price. Why? Because he is transparent green and that means he can double as a Green Lantern construct. (Which means he isn't going to count in my Corps count.)

So there is that.

The figure comes with a Green Lantern ring, but since its designed for children it's far too small for me. And since I don't have any kids, kind of a waste. Maybe I'll give it to my cousin when he's old enough to not swallow it. That should only be 5 years from now.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Articulated Monster Podcast Episode 12: Too Much SDCC 2011 News

The newest episode of the Articulated Monster is up.

If you want to follow along, here are the links to the sites we were looking at as we were reviewing the SDCC news.
Pt. 1

Mattel Co-founder & co-creator of Barbie dies

Marvel & DC lego sets

Batman Legacy arkham

Mattel Panel

DC-mattel panel


Wal-mart exclusive Thor & Captain America 6 inch movie


Marvel Universe and  Legends

Pt. 2

Star Wars

Knight Rider Toys

Think Geek Portal 2

NECA Predator


Earthwork Jim

NECA Gremlins


Hot Toys Joker


Monster Fucking High

And there we go! Okay folks, we need more listener questions! Unleash them. And now introducing the picture I'm posting every time we ask for questions, a metaphor for it if you will.

John Stewart

That's John with an "H." The one featured in the Justice League cartoon from the turn of the century. He's the dude that made test audiences who saw the Green Lantern movie ask why they made Green Lantern white. (Hal Jordan sucks.)

There's two DCUC John Stewart figures. This is based on the comic book costume that was based on the costume from the cartoon. It's also a figure I picked up loose, so hey, not accessories. (The original came with a couple constructs.) I kind of wish I had the accessories, but by ignoring them I was able to save about $15. So all things said and done, probably for the best. I had a chance to pick this up new back when it was in stores, but back then I didn't give a damn about Green Lantern figures. It's just one of those regrets.

Of course now that I'm trying to build a nice Rainbow Corps this guy suddenly became a must have since he's a human Green Lantern that isn't Hal Jordan. (Hal Jordan sucks.)

Current Corps
Green Lanterns: 11
Sinestro Corps: 5
Red Lanterns: 3
Star Sapphires: 3
Blue Lanterns: 1
Orange Lanterns: 1
Indigo Lanterns: 1
Black Lanterns: 1

Friday, July 22, 2011

Articulated Monster Episode 12 question post

We're recording Episode 12 of the Articulated Monster this weekend. If you have any listener questions either comment on this post with them or e-mail us at

Rory figure, I am not excited, and here's why...

So they've made a Rory minifigure for the Character Building TARDIS Console Room before they made a 5-inch figure in the main line? What the hell? Okay, yes, it's a simple repaint of stock parts rather than a new sculpt, but still... we get a


I've only skimmed through Strangers in Paradise, the acclaimed indie comic series by Terry Moore, but my understanding is that Katchoo was an molested teen who ran away from home and became a prostitute and then body guard/abused girlfriend for a mafia queen. She eventually left her life of crim and tried to make it as an artist, although her past would repeatedly come back to haunt her. She also dealt with her feelings for her best friend Francine and for David, the pacifist born-again brother of the crime boss she used to be in a relationship with but who was living under a new identity to escape the fact that his family wanted him to run their criminal empire.

It was a very melodramatic series. But the thing is, Katchoo pretty much just looked like a pissed off blonde woman. She didn't have any unique costume or look aside from Terry Moore's signature style. Although the figure does capture that look pretty damn well. I guess there's a bigger fan base for this series than I thought, because personally it was always a property on the fringe of my comic book consumption.

Katchoo comes with a pink girl Itz. Just like all the figures from this wave. I'm really regretting not picking up that Maxx figure. Not enough to try and find another one, but enough to feel a slight pang when I think about it.

I've got to admit, the articulation on this figure is amazing. Seriously, the combination of joints allows from some amazing flexibility. The torso joint pretty much allows for a full arch, even when the character's legs are completely straight.

And if you want to take advantage of the double joint knees the figure can do a full arch. It's freaking amazing. Hell, even the ponytail is articulated.

Ghost Riders Rides Vehicles pt. 2

Hey, let's do some more!

Ghost Rider rides a Giant Drill

Ghost Rider rides a helicopter!

Ghost Rider rides a HISS Tank

Ghost Rider rides a transporter

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ghost Rider Rides Stuff

I always said that I'd do this if I picked up a Ghost Rider.

Ghost Rider, Spirit of Vengeance rides an ATV

Ghost Rider rides a hang glider.

Ghost Rider rides a jet pack!

Ghost Rider rides a helicopter backpack.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Sam Flynn + Tron Arcade

Well hello there Target Discount Aisle, what have you got for me today? 75% off Tron miniatures? I dunno, anything interesting... hey, what's that? Is that a Tron arcade console?

Why I believe it is. But is it in scale with 3 inch figures? Like Playmobil?

Ah, I see it is. Excellent. Then I will buy it. And it shall be posed with a concert pianist, who we shall pretend plays arcade machines like an instrument.

Which means he

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rejected Head Swaps

So if you remember yesterday's Sue Storm head swap, then good for you. Before I did that one, I tried out her head on a Green Lantern body. It wasn't bad, but it felt like it was missing something.

See, kind of dull. So when I went on to do the Star Sapphire I was much happier with the results.

I also tried out a Low head on a Hal Jordan body.

I dunno, a little too much nightmare fuel for a Green Lantern. Kind of hard to keep peace in the universe when you're making children wet their pants.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Sue Storm Star Sapphire

In my ongoing attempt to expand my Green Lantern Classics collection, I picked up an Invisible Woman figure from the Marvel Legends line and head swapped her with a Star Sapphire figure. Of course I had to clip the ridiculously oversized collar a bit. And in my experimentation I almost destroyed the figure's neck, but I think the final product looks pretty good, even if the skin tone isn't an exact match. And really, that wouldn't be a problem if the Star Sapphire costume didn't expose a ridiculous amount of skin.

Seriously, the more I look at that costume the stupider it looks. Fortunaltely I get a sort of schadenfreude out of how bad it is and what it must say about DC Comics decision to perpetuate it in the comics.

But dig it, it's Sue Storm: Star Sapphire (try saying that 5 times fast.... Did you do it? Mind control!) from sector 617:2814. I pretend that's the multiverse world where all those 80's and 90's intercompany comic book crossovers where the characters who had never met before acted like they had shared the same universe.

Current Corps

Green Lanterns: 10
Sinestro Corps: 5
Red Lanterns: 3
Star Sapphires: 3
Blue Lanterns: 1
Orange Lanterns: 1
Indigo Lanterns: 1
Black Lanterns: 1

Friday, July 15, 2011

Mary Marvel

Why would I buy a Mary Marvel figure? She's got a cape, she's never been in the JLI, and her face looks like a 45 year old woman's when she's supposed to look like a 16-year-old girl. Those are all things I don't like.

But she was in the Superbuddies, which was the JLI nostalgia team, so I figure it's close enough. Also she was on sale for roughly half-off. And I figured if I didn't like the figure I could pop her head off and put it on a Green Lantern body.

Actualy... Does anyone else think she looks like a young Tammy Faye Baker?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Power Girl

Power Girl is a peg warmer. I've seen about 30-40 of them at one of the local Wal-Marts, discounted to $10. But Power Girl was also a part of the Justice League International, so I knew I'd eventually add her figure to my collection, even if she was wearing a different costume back then. (It covered her entire body from the neck down. They actually brought it back for a couple issues of a Green Lantern miniseries because she was sick of people mistaking her for Supergirl. Oh, and even in the white costume she doesn't always have the boob window.)

It's an okay sculpt, although I would have preferred a slightly stockier look. But DCUC doesn't do that  body type, so live with what you've got. Although I gotta say, I love the head sculpt. In fact I think I need to get another one of these to do a headswap on a Green Lantern body.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Tomika Mini Garage Set

Hey guess what was on clearance at Toys R Us? Japanese diecast cars! TOMIKA!

I love it when diecast cars have opening doors, or in this case a trunk. And it comes with a little businessman driver! It would be great if he fit in the car, but he doesn't. There might be some advanced cars that he fits inside, but not the one he came with. So while he isn't in scale with the car, he is in scale with the environment. Oh yeah, did I mention that the car also comes with an environment?

A plastic garage and cardboard streets. You'll notice the puzzle piece aspect of the streets, that's because the various environments can be interlocked. I only got the one, but I'm seriously tempted by the larger city playsets that have trains (which the figures can fit in) and other streets & buildings that can all be combined to create a sprawling city. But then I remember that would be expensive and I forget it. Although I have to admit that I love that all the buildings have an action feature that doubles as a launcher for the cars.

See, press that button by the garage door and the floor tilts up, sending the car out the garage and onto the street. Of course since the street has no guide, the car just sort of launches aimlessly into traffic. Not a great way to teach people about driving safety.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Articulated Monster episode 11

This actually went up a couple nights ago, but I've been so exhausted I haven't had a chance to mention it yet.

As always you can find back episodes (or download the show) from the Articulated Monster page on Talkshoe or subscribe via iTunes.

Even Groundbreaking Writers Need Technologically Advanced Protection

Fully aware of the dangers of the world, Edgar Allen Poe places himself in an ImagiNext Mech suit. Once the canopy goes down he is fully protected by the robot casing, unless someone shoots him with an arrow through those windows. They really ought to put some sort of glass in those things.

But now. encased in his protective armor, he doesn't have to fear things like killer orangutans. The only thing that can hurt him now is the darkness that lies within him. Fortunately those claws open up so he can grasp a very large pencil and write out his anguish and torments.

Monday, July 11, 2011

What is this toy?

I've been wondering about this for a while. Is this figure better as a toy of Mr. Linderman from Heroes or a toy of Malcolm McDowell in a suit?

Which would make you want this toy more?

Personally I'm going with Malcolm McDowell. Although I don't know how often he has a beard.

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Sonicron from

I know I've always thought that my office equipment would be 100X more awesome if it all transformed into toy robots.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Articulated Monster Listener Question Post

We're recording the 11th episode of the Aritculated Monster Podcast this weekend. If you've got questions you would like us to answer, about anything, then leave it as a comment on this post. Or e-mail it to

"Macho Man" Randy Savage memorial toy purchase

So just like everyone else, apparently, after the Macho Man died I really wanted a toy of him. I hope it's just because the realization of his mortality and passing galvanized an already strong desire to own a momento to his awesomeness and not some morbid "liking toys of dead people" fascination. Irregardless, everyone wanted one, and of course that meant it was damn near impossible to find one at a reasonable price. Fricking Grey Market.

Seriously, I ended up getting this one in a two pack with John Morrison, and you know what? It cost the same as the single card Macho Man (same toy but different paint and with a cloth t-shirt) was going for on e-bay before shipping. Even though I didn't want John Morrison, it turned out to be a good deal because Morrison ended up as custom fodder in an experiment to see if the heads on the WWE Classics and DC Universe Classics are compatible. They are, thanks Mattel.

Anyway, Mattel makes this figure, so it's almost exactly like a DCUC figure, except that for some reason there's a limited range of movement on the shoulder joints. There are just some poses the figure won't do, like say, arms straight out to his sides like an airplaine. Oh man, I just realized, it has the same limited movement as John McCain.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Real Ghostbusters Minimates, Toys R Us Wave 1

After they made minimates of pretty much every Ghostbusters movie character that should get a toy, they began to do minimates based on the spin-off cartoon. The Real Ghostbusters was an amazing cartoon. If you watch it as an adult it still holds up. (Although I recommend the syndicated episodes and first season which feature the great Lorenzo Music as Peter. Also, they were allowed to make some of the characters more snarky.)

If you're wondering, they called it the Real Ghostbusters because the name Ghostbusters was trademarked by Filmation due to an old 1970's live action show they did about wacky exterminators who hunted down Ghosts with their Gorilla. They actually had to get permission from Filmation to call the movie Ghostbusters. That permission did not include the cartoon. (And actually Filmation did their own cartoon version of the original Ghostbusters around the same time Real Ghostbusters came out.)

Egon and RayVoiced by Maurice LaMarche (Brain from Pinky & the Brain) and Frank Welker (Megatron, Baby Kermit, Doctor Claw, Abu, Fred Jones, Soundwave, and any animal you've ever heard in a movie) respectively. Growing up these were my Ghostbusters since I didn't see the first movie until I was much older. I can still hear Egon talk about Tobin's Spirit Guide. Even through all the cast changes, Egon and Ray were the constants.

Oh, hey, dig it, they come with a cartoon style PKE meter. And you can take off their chest pieces to reveal regular jumpsuits underneath for lounging around the Firehouse action.

Janine and Slimer

These minimates depict Janine and Slimer during the times that they've put on proton packs. This usually happened when something happens to the regular Ghostbusters, like they get kidnapped or suffer some sort of supernatural ailment. The best one was the episode with the Sandman. It also tended to happen a lot in the later seasons after the second movie came out and everything became more cartoonishly over the top. As depictions of the Real Ghostbuster versions of these characters they're pretty neat, and you have to love that their proton packs come off, so you can have regular versions of the figures. Janine's glasses are shown in the promotional pictures with her looking over them, which is how she was always depicted on the cartoon, but I can't get her figure to do that, so her glasses just look like sunglasses, which isn't what the character was about. But on the other hand she does come with an extra ghost trap that attaches to her proton pack.

Lord, how many times can I write "proton pack" in one entry?

There's different versions of Slimer and Janine in the 4-pack sold at Direct Market retailers. (Comic book and online toy stores.) Those have Janine in her secretary outfit and Slimer with a big goofy smile. Neither have proton packs.  (There's another one.)

Okay, now onto the cool part of the Toys R US exclusive waves: The ghosts!

Sam Haim and Egyptian Ghost

So how do you choose the most iconic ghosts from a cartoon show where the only evil ghost who recurred was the Boogie Man? I have no idea. Pointless aside!

These are Sam Haim and the Egyptian Ghost, two ghosts from episodes I never saw. They stretch the definition of minimate, since both are essentially sculpted shells that go over a basic minimate frame, but could easily exist without the minimate skeleton. Perhaps in response to this, they've added some details to those basic minimate frames, with a glowing skeleton body for Sam Hain and dude in a mask inside the Egyptian Ghost, betraying the Scooby Doo-like revelation about the Egyptian Ghost.

Boogeyman and Energy Terror Dog

Okay, seriously, I must have seen fewer episodes of the Real Ghostbusters than I thought, because the only ghost I remember from this set was the Boogeyman. He was awesome though. The ghostbuster chased him through various closets in a reality warping thing similar to Monsters Inc., or Mario's acting juggernaut Voice of Reason. It's an interesting toy, with his backward jointed goat legs and oversized head that forces the packaging to bulge in way that it really shouldn't. Meanwhile the Terror Dog is simply the same from the movie line but now in a translucent blue plastic.

Lex Luthor

Okay, so here's the thing, I've never really been interested in the Super Powers armor that Lex Luthor wore. Quite frankly I think its ridiculous and if the Public Enemies storyline taught us anything, it's a bad idea. So when I decided to start filling out my DCUC Villains roster with iconic DC villains, I wanted a Lex Luthor without power armor.

That means either Business Man Lex, which was never made, or this guy, Superfriends Lex Luthor from the Gotham 5-pack Wal-Mart exclusive. So given that choice, I went with this one... on e-Bay. I like the overall design, but I've never understood what the cannisters on his bandoliers were for. I feel like if you're arch enemy can shoot pinpoint lasers, having gas cannisters full of nerve gas right under your face is a bad idea.

And why does he have them on his legs. But he's supposed to be a genius, so maybe he knows something I don't.

Maybe they're full of snacks. Because they don't have a grocery store near the Legion of Doom's swamp headquarters.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Custom: Malcolm Mcdowell Green Lantern of Sector 2814

I tried a head swap with a Heroes action figure. I'm not sure about it. Actually after having the Heroes figure in my hand I suddenly realized why the toyline died so quickly... other than people realizing the show sucked during the second season.

Martian Manhunter

Oh hey... why would I buy a DCUC figure of the Martian Manhunter when I hate DCUC figures with capes and his costume is pretty much a cape, suspenders, and shorts? Because he was one of the core figures of the original JLI and I've dedicated myself to buying figures from the core JLI cast.

And that's pretty much it. The character is one of those DC characters that they insist is one of their A-list, who always has to be on the Justice League, but never really got any mainstream love. I mean hell, he was played by the fat middle-aged guy from MASH when they made that live action pilot. Of course the JLI was able to make him interesting, mostly by making him love Oreos and making him the straight man in a house full of comedy characters. Got that? The Martian shapeshifter obsessed with Oreos was the straightman. Good stuff.

J'onn comes with the Validus head and lower torso. I like the Legion, but I don't think I'm ever going to complete this BAF. Mostly because my interest in the other figures in the wave is limited. Also, Validus was never one of my favorite Legion villains.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Flea Market Stuff

I went to a flea market this weekend. It was hot and I sweat a lot, but I picked up some stuff. There was one dude who was selling a Living Dead Doll for $4, but someone snatched it up before I could.

So instead I ended up getting these items.

Einstein Bobblehead

From the McDonalds Happy Meals for Night at the Museum 2. I loved that movie. And the writer's commentary is hilarious since it was written by the two main guys behind Reno 911. Also, Gotta love Einstein.

Jack and Kelly Osborne Smiti minifigures

Sadly, no Ozzy figure to accompany them, but they were insanely cheap, so okay. I like the figure for Jack because he looks like what I think hipster kids look like. Kelly, I dunno, I never watched that show so I never really got into these people as cultural figures. They were kind of figures in the background of my pop-culture. But I kind of hope these are in scale with the 3-inch stuff I have, because throwing emo/hipster-boy Jack into some of the Playmobil stuff seems like a good visual.

Barack Obama Action Figure

Discounting 12 inch figures, how is it that this is the only Barack Obama action figure that's ever been produced? Ah well. I've been looking at this figure for a while now, but never taking the final plunged and buying it. So when I saw it at the flea market I finally picked it up. It's going to require a little cleaning, since it has some sticker tape on it from some scotch tape put in the box, but it shouldn't be too bad. Also, it means I can cross another name off my "Presidential Action Figures" list. Although, to be honest, I've only crossed off one other name.

Interestingly, I also saw some Barnyard Commandos stuff for sale, (listen to the last Articulated Monster Podcast for why that's interesting) but at prices I couldn't justify paying.

I realized while driving home that the items I picked up are all toys of real life people. I love when they make toys of real people. Although I admit I kind of yawn if they're a sports star. But historical figures? Newsmakers? Toys of them are awesome.