Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Green Lantern Classics from eBay

Okay, I need to power through a backlog, so I'm going to put all my recent Green Lantern ebay items into one big post!

And away we go!

Tomar Re

Hey, I've not particular fondness or hate for the yellow bird Green Lantern. Dude was before my time. I'm just happy to have another alien Green Lantern figure. And that's all that really matters. Although I've never fully understood the character. Is he a bird? Does that mean he has wings? Or is he a mammal with a beak? No idea.

Black Lantern Abin Sur

As someone pointed out, totally a figure of Black Hand Amon Sur. Which is okay, because the amount I care about either Sur can be counted on no hands. That said, Amon Sur had the better Black Lantern design, but he doesn't appear in the Green Lantern movie, so rename ahoy.

That said, I love his double jointed elbows, his wrist joints, and his outstretched hand. It allows for some very melodramatic gestures. I didn't think I'd get any Black Lantern figures, but this one has changed my mind. If they come with enough flexibility to imply decomposed, unstable musculature, then bring them on.

Green Lantern eBay Lot

Ironically this is mostly made up of Sinestro Corps figures. We have Katma Tui, Hal Jordan, Maash, Low, Arkillo, Dex-starr, and Despotislisisis (sp?). Repeat readers will notice that I've already got 3 of these figures, but that's going to start happening now that I need to bid on multiple figure lots rather than individual figures to get some of the figures I want at reasonable prices. These doubles won't be counting towards my total number of Corps figures.

But let's talk about the figures I haven't already added to the collection. Low & Maash, the basic Sinestro Corps starters. Maash is a good figure, Low is not so much. His head has no articulation due to its shape, and any atempts to turn that head pops the head right off. Also, some clerk asked me if his name was really Low, because they thought that was a reference to his power level. So no love for Low. Both because of the stupid name and the tendency to lay eggs in his victims.

Next we have Hal Jordan, but Hal Jordan sucks so I wouldn't be surprised if he becomes custom fodder.

Then we have Arkilo, the giant BAF from the first Green Lantern Classics wave. He's a nice bulky figure who feels big. Big enough to be intimidating but not large enough as to seem like he's in the wrong toy line. I like the figure and how it gives the entire line a sense that you are really dealing with different aliens with different body types and sizes.

Which is important when your toy line is based on a space opera. Too many humanoid figures with the same basic shape and size begins to strain the suspension of disbelief. This isn't the 50's. I'm looking at you Legion of Superheroes.

Current Corps

Green Lanterns: 7
Sinestro Corps: 4
Red Lanterns: 2
Star Sapphires: 1
Black Lanterns: 1

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