Monday, June 20, 2011


As part of a presentation, someone where I work brought in her husband's old Sentinel figure. I thought it was pretty good looking, and then I found out that it had a rocket punch, launching feet projectiles, and launching chest projectile and I knew I had to get one of my own.

So thank you ebay.

The look is a bit retro, very mid-90's. It lacks the details that you'd get out of a modern sculpt, but I think the minimal look is part of the charm. This looks like the simpler Sentinels I saw on the television, comic books, and video games. It came with stickers that would add the idea of wires and electronics, but I like the uniform sleekness that you get without the stickers.

And yes, maybe there's no articulation for the legs, but if you press one of the buttons on the knees, the corresponding foot shoots off. And no elbows? Who cares, it has a rocket punch on one hand and the other hand has a grappling hook that retracts when you press a button. The head doesn't turn, who cares. If you pull the head just right the chest shoots forward and reveals a prison for smaller characters.

The action features make this a fun toy. Screw your elaborate sculpting and lack of articulation. And that may be the only time I say that on this blog. It also helps that this is a massive toy, towering over my other figures.


  1. This toy is a real pleasure simple and fun i like it. : )

  2. Very cool toy .. !! VERY COOL !!!


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