Monday, June 27, 2011

Sodam Yat

Hey, It's Sodam Yat, the Daxamite (basically a planet of space racists who have powers like Superman but with a lead weakness instead of Kryptonite) who hated his people's xenophobia and became a Green Lantern and then Ion, the supercharged Green Lantern host to the space dolphin that creates the Green Lantern powers. So he has Superman powers, a green lantern ring, and access to the powers of Ion...  and then he'll get his ass handed to him repeatedly by Superboy Prime. Because Geoff Johns.

Fortunately they've made him an interesting character by making him one of the more gung-ho, aggressive members of the Corps, with a complete self-hatred of his family/people and a determination not to become like them while not forgetting that being raised in such a world has formed how he reacts to events.

All that said, since he's a Daxamite he looks basically human, so interesting character, dull figure. Ah well. At least he's wearing the Ion costume and not the standard Green Lantern costume, so that adds some spectacle/specialness to the figure. Also he comes with an alternate hand that features a light construct.

Current Corps

Green Lanterns: 5
Sinestro Corps: 1
Red Lanterns: 2
Star Sapphires: 1

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  1. I find him to be a very "unexciting" looking action figure i guess they could of "jazzed" his costume up more or at lest make it shiny with cape lol.

    "Its Mon-El with a power ring" : )


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