Thursday, June 2, 2011

Ellen & Simon

So these guys are from the rebooted Battlestar Gaactica series. Since I never really watched Battlestar Galactica, the only thing I can tell you about these guys was that their box was $2.50 and I like paying cheap prices for minimates. Okay, I'm a nerd., I can tell you a bunch of crap about these characters because I got bored and wikipediaed the whole series, but it's all third hand knowledge and you know what, some of these things get to be short.

Actually, one question. The coloring of Ellen's feet makes it look like she's barefoot. Did that actually happen in the series? That's not the kind of thing they explain on Wikipedia  unless it was a plot point. That's the main problem with wikipedia. Well that and its incredibly high levels of unreliability.

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