Monday, June 6, 2011

Dex-Starr, B'dg & Despotellis

Despotellis is supposed to be a sentient Virus. No way is he in scale with Dex-Starr & B'dg. And for that matter I don't remember him being transparent yellow in the comic. Although I only skimmed the Sinestro Corps War, so I could be wrong. Don't quote me or anything. I think Despotellis was only included in this set because they couldn't think of any other members of the Rainbow Corps that were small.

Which is kind of ridiculous because this was the wave that also included Nite-Lik, the character made up for this toy line. Seriously, just make up a new character. Like a member of the Star Sapphires that looks like a lemur, or the snake member of the Indigo Tribe.

That said, I really dig B'dg and Dex-Starr. Hell, the only reason I bought this set is that I really wanted a figure of Dex-Starr, the most adorable kitty that vomits napalm on his enemies using the force of his rage! Now that's a character you see and think, there's no way in hell that guy is getting a toy. But he did. Twice! He's the breakout star of the decade! Expect DC to oversaturate him until everyone gets sick of him and then he disappears for twenty years until that era's version of Geoff Johns brings him back and then kills him off in some weird form of nostalgia/fanboyism.

But I really like these figures. These, coupled with Star Sapphire, make me want to collect the whole of the Corps. From the entire silly spectrum of colors. So that's one of my new missions it would seem.

So far I've got:

Green Lanterns: 2
Sinestro Corps: 1
Red Lanterns: 1
Star Sapphires: 1

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