Thursday, June 16, 2011

4WD with Horse Trailer

I picked this up for the Lego SUV, but I didn't mind that it came with a horse trailer. I've always found those amusing when I see one driving down the freeway. It's a small box with a living horse in it, being towed down the street at 70 MPH. You can even see/smell the horses sometimes.

I'm fascinated by the minifigures. The guy in the flannel could either be a rich dude wearing his casual wear or a blue collar rural worker. By wearing the riding gear, the woman looks very upper crust. Unless equestrian sports has gotten a more populist reputation and I just wasn't aware of it.

And since Legos usually don't have their own backstory here's the one I've come up with: it's a set detailing the long time love affair between a rich woman and the family's horse trainer that they can only consummate when they travel to equestrian events around the country. They're waiting for her parents to die so they can marry because she knows her family would never approve.

I'm not good with coming up with names

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