Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sony Games Minimates

And we come to the final set of Toys R Us Exclusive Minimates from that order I made. I don't have a PS3, so I found it surprisingly easy to leave out the Resistance set in this wave that had a solider character I didn't know and the monster/zombie type creature that I also didn't know. But that did leave me with some awesome sets using fairly well known characters. And its a good thing they're well known, since I don't have a PS3 and haven't played a single game with any of these characters.

Jak and Daxter
In theory Daxter (the half otter-weasel) should only be as high as Jax's waist, but that probably would have been a really hard figure to sculpt, so we make do with what we have. It's rather annoying that Daxter is designed so his legs have to be bent, as keeping them straight would prevent his feet from resting on the ground. The best part of this set is Jak's shotgun holster on his back, they really made it work well. I really like that Daxter uses a unique torso to create the impression of his animal body, so big ups there.

Ratchet & Clank
I love Clank's robot design. The smaller Clank attaches to Ratchet's back, emulating how they appear in various platforming aspects of the game. (I've seen a friend play it.) Again, Clank should be significantly smaller than Ratchet, but I love the design so much that I prefer this version more. Ratchet's design isn't to shabby either. And you can't go wrong with a ray gun.

Unless it actully works and you kill someone with it. Then a ray gun has gone horribly wrong.

Nathan Drake & Chloe Frazer from Uncharted
So here's what I know about these guys. Nathan Drake is like Nathan Fillion mixed with Indiana Jones who quips as he kills people. Chloe is voiced by Claudia Black in sultry/scheming mode. Uncharted 2 is supposed to be a really good game. When they announced Mark Wahlberg would play Nathan in an upcoming Uncharted movie the internet revolted and he was taken off the project. Then Nathan Fillion mentioned he wanted to play Nathan Drake and the internet had a collective orgasm.

All of which tells you absolutely nothing about these figures, which are good interpretations of the characters, especially considering the inherent limitations of the minimate form.


  1. These are all pretty nice but out of the 3 sets i like the Uncharted ones the least. They just seem plain compared to the other two which is understandable but i could see these being the "Peg Warmers" of the group.

  2. I concur, but it's because they included Chloe instead of Elena. I still protest at the apparent ability to ignore a blond just because she is from an earlier iteration of the game.