Thursday, June 9, 2011


So I was thinking about my ongoing mission to collect the DCUC figures of bad ideas of their biggest characters and create a sort of Bad Idea Justice League. I've got mullet Superman and Knightfall Batman, but then I remembered Electric Superman and I had to get this guy.

Because what's a stupider idea than getting rid of the popular look and symbol of your most iconic character for an entire year? Oh right, having him walk across America for an entire year after he's just spent an entire year away from Earth. Still, having him become a being of pure energy with even vaguely defined energy and reality warping based powers is right up there.

Thank god for ebay. Even though he's from an early wave I was able to get this guy for not too much more than current retail for DCUC figures. So that was nice. The lightning bolts clip to his hands, but not very strongly so they have a tendency to pop off. The one attached to his back is pretty firmly stuck there, although I thought it was weird that it had a traditional Superman logo on it. As if Superman was generating the energy that was emanating from him, but also manipulating it to display his logo on his back like a "Kick Me" sign. Or a corporate billboard.

Anyway, if you asked someone which was the stupidest redesign, Knightfall Batman or Electric Blue Superman, even if they were both meant to be temporary, what would they say? Well, there's only one way to really answer that.



  1. I think you should get the version of Superman with the starfish alien stuck to his chest.

  2. How can you have Blue energy Superman without Red energy Superman? Two bad tastes that taste like s*%t together!