Friday, June 3, 2011

Armored Truck

You know, I thought this Hot Wheels car felt a little light. You'd think a diecast armored truck would have a little more heft to it. But then I realized why it was so light.

It's hollow inside! And how cool is it that they had molding on the inside of the door? Even if it doesn't make any sense why the outside would have a handle but the inside would have wheel based lock... I don't think... I'm not a locksmith. But still, kinda weird.

But this is awesome, because you can actually have the Hot Wheels Armored Truck carrying things. Although you might want to skip putting valuables in it. It may be called an Armored Truck but it's still just a toy car. An easily lost or stolen toy car.

Security your name is not "Hot Wheels."

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