Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tigh & Captivity Six

So according to wikipedia these fellows are Colonel Tigh, a military man who was forced to kill his wife for betraying humanity to the android Cylons, and Captivity Six, a captured Cylon that Tigh would interrogate to alleviate his guilt and eventually impregnated during a mutually masochistic relationship. She miscarried and he got back together with his resurrected wife after both realized they were both Cylons with an independent agenda to save humanity.

Man that Battlestar Galactica show sounds weird. I bet it makes sense to someone who watches it all the way through, but to someone who has never seen the show... man. But the minimates are cheap and on clearance, so hey, why not buy them. And I watch Doctor Who, so who am I to judge.

Action Ranger Timmy, that's who.

Judge judge judge.

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