Monday, June 6, 2011

Asian DCUC figure?

So I was reading this article at Comic Alliance about how DC Comics trend of restoring the status quo of superheroes to pre 1980s levels has lead to an unintentional lack of diversity in the superhero community, particularly the regression of making the Atom Ray Palmer instead of Ryan Choi and it got me wondering...

Has there been a toy made of an Asian character in the DC Universe Classics line?

A quick look says, no. There's one scheduled for Wave 18, but its Samurai, the Superfriends character creatd specifically for the cartoon and who was a walking stereotype. Seriously, he had wind powers but he was called Samurai. Oh wait, I forgot, he also had access to ancient Asian martial arts techniques that let him be invisible and crap like that.

So that means that in 17 waves, a number of exclusives, and the Green Lantern Classics line, that there have been 24 aliens (not counting the New Gods), 6 robots, and NO Asians. The other minorities groups aren't represented very well either, 1 hispanic character and 5 black characters.

And if you say it's only because there aren't a lot of minority characters in the DC Universe in general, let alone ones with enough exposure to make a toy of, well that's a whole other problem right there.

I mean, crap, I just want a DCUC figure of an Asian character that's not a sterotype. Is that so wrong/hard?


  1. How long did it take for Marvel Legends to get a figure based on an Asian character?


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