Monday, August 28, 2017

Jessica Jones

I'm fairly amused that they made a action figure of Netflix's Jessica Jones since the character is just wearing normal clothes so really, it doubles as a Krysten Ritter action figure.

It's a decent figure, but I really can't wait for Marvel Legends female figures to get double jointed elbows like the male figures. And I really like that the leather jacket is made from a thing flexible plastic that doesn't inhibit any movement or poses. No accessories, but what would it have? A broken door?

And as a bonus, the Man-Thing BAF torso can accommodate the Hulk BAF arms from the Thor Ragnarok wave! Now I don't feel like those arms are wasted and I don't have to get a Punisher or Bullaeye figure I don't want. If I complete Man-Thing I can just pretend he did a lot of arm work and wants to show off his muscles so he shaved his arms.


I think Hela might be the most revolutionary figure Marvel Legends has ever made. I originally got it because I wanted a figure of goth Cate Blanchett, but holy crap! Her cape is removeable! 

Plastic capes have been the bane of my toy collection. I hate rigid capes that require that a figure only be posed standing up. But removable capes! Great! I want this on all capes figures! I won't get it, but I want it.