New Glossary Terms for Toy Collector's

At the Articulated Monster Podcast we've begun coming up with new terms to help describe phenomena we experience while collecting and blogging/podcasting toys. Usually these phenomena don't have a single word or term to describe them, or the word that does exist doesn't to the experience/item justice.

What follows is some of the terms we have come up with.

Ring Fist: An action figure hand which has been sculpted as a solid fist, but also features a hole straight through it in order to hold accessories. Ring Fist is different than a "C-Fist" or "Clamp Fist" which features a small gap between the fingers and can often resemble a Lego hand in that the sculpting of a Ring Fist  has no gaps between the fingers and forms a complete, unbroken circle.

Impotent Joint: A joint on an action figure that does not move due to the design of the figure. Frequent examples are hip joints that are rendered immobile due to sculpted jackets or neck joints that can't be used to move the head because of sculpted hair that prevents any movement.

Deep Impact Wave: An action figure or action figure line that is imitating the style or design of the toys from another company. Most common are non-DC figures made to look like Animated Universe "Bruce Timm style" figures or Independent comic book toys designed to be similar to Marvel Legends or DCUC. Named after the movie Deep Impact and its similarity to the much larger blockbuster Armageddon which was released the same summer.

Pull a Mario / Marioing: A podcast host who tends to stay silent despite being on an auditory medium. His or her contributions to the discussion are usually limited to monosyllabic responses to prompts.

Toast Shield: A unusual aftermarket accessory that creates an (often unwarranted) high amount of appreciation and adoration. Usually the amount of love that the item generates is not enough to motivate someone to buy it, but just enough to appreciate the fact that someone made it and that it is a thing that exists in this world.

If you can think of any new Glossary words let us know. 

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  1. It's great to know about these terms! These are very useful when it comes to toy collecting. Thanks you for sharing these.