Monday, January 26, 2015

MiWorld accessory set.

Oh hey MiWorld has an accessory pack for the Italia Pizza Shop. Why would you just buy this accessory pack of a pizza tray and 6 pepperoni pizza slices?

Because of awesome.

Minimate Monday: Officer Rick Grime and One-Armed Zombie

I find Rick Grimes minimates pretty boring, but when you add a crap loaf of accessories, include a bag that the minimate can carry the accessories in, and include enough alternate body parts to change the minimate's costume, then I can overlook the generic blandness of Rick Grimes facial design. Dude comes with a hatchet that can be carried by a loop in his belt, how can you say no to that?

His giant hat is weird though.

And the zombie comes with an extra arm in case you prefer a two armed
Zombie. That's the kind if customization that more minimates should feature since their design is perfectly suited to such interchangeability.

Friday, January 23, 2015


I only seek out a Kmart these days for exclusive toys I really want. That isn't very often since, y'know, it's Kmart. That place imploded in the mid90s when it suddenly found its niche taken over by WalMart and realized it couldn't compete on price, customer service, or store design so they alienated their existing customer base to try and capture the upmarket Target crowd which didn't want anything to do with Kmart's stigma as a store for poor people.

But hey, minimate Kra'ang! Kmart is the only non-specialty store to carry the blind bags and Kra'ang is only available in the non-specialty store sets. He comes as giant brain in the torso of a robot, but the pack also comes with a minimate version of the disembodied giant brain version. You can pretend he's 80's cartoon Krang!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Minimate Monday: Captain Sisko and Jem'Hadar

I love Sisko and enjoy the Jem'Hadar, so this was a no brainer.

I love how Sisko minimates always come with great army builders so if you want a Jem'Hadar squad you end up with a squad of Siskos.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Batman and Super Angry Kitty Attack

New Legi movie sets? A year after the movie came out? Who says there aren't upsides to cynical corporate money grabs? 

The great figures in this set are happy Batman and Super Angry Unikitty. I've really wanted a Unikitty figure for a while but couldn't justify paying the prices of the other Unikitty sets just for Unikitty. Then this basic level set which only runs for $10. For 3 figures and a robot build, this set is actually cheaper than 3 blind bad Lego minifigures. Great deal!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Minimate Monday: Carol and Pole Zombie

I have no idea who Carol is. Those chapters of the walking dead weren't available at my local library. Or if I did read the chapters she was in then the character just didn't leave an impression on me. But I like that she comes with alternate parts so you can take off her hat and jacket in case you want Winter Carol or Spring Carol.

Also, kinda neat that the zombie comes attached to a pole. That's a cool minimate feature. I wonder if the zombie is meant to be a boy or girl. I think I missed that issue. Was it when they were in the prison? I skimmed over a lot of those issues. Wait, was Carol the lady who got bit by the pole zombie? That would make sense.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Snake Dancer

Oh look, new Playmobil blind pack minifigures. And one of them is an Indian snake dancer... I'm going to put this in the cultural appropriation category, which is a category of toys I tend to pick up: European companies that make semi-stereotypical figures of Asian cultures. She's got the bindi and the snake and I just realized I don't know enough about South Asian cultures to really be judgmental.

Sigh, whether it's racist or not, it's an interesting figure and at least Playmobil is trying by making figures of different races. Wow, this was nicer than I thought it was gonna be.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Zygon, smaller

A 4 inch Doctor Who figure! Also a Christmas present. The 5 inch Zygon was one of the best figures of the whole line and this is the same for the 4 inch figures. And with ball jointed shoulders, it has more articulation than its 5 inch, cut joint counterpart.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Minimate Monday: Big Bang Theory

They made minimates of the main cast of Big Bang Theory. All 7 cast members over 2 sets of 4, with variants of breakout character Sheldon in each set. I'm a minor fan of the show, but the chance to own a Mayim Bialik minimate is too tempting to ignore. Also, the acessories! 

Hands holding Chinese food, chopsticks, and sodas! Build-a-couch... Actually, the couch is weird. The back of the packages say to collect both sets to create the couch, but each set has a full 3 seated couch but it's designed to be modular so you can combine the 2 couches however you want.

The minimate designs are actually pretty great likenesses of the actors. And the clothing is very well designed. Even if I hated the show I could use these as nerd/civilian minimates.

These are Entertainment Earth exclusives, but I was able to save a few dollars and pay no shipping by getting them on e-bay. Hopefully that didn't screw up the chance for future series.