Friday, January 23, 2015


I only seek out a Kmart these days for exclusive toys I really want. That isn't very often since, y'know, it's Kmart. That place imploded in the mid90s when it suddenly found its niche taken over by WalMart and realized it couldn't compete on price, customer service, or store design so they alienated their existing customer base to try and capture the upmarket Target crowd which didn't want anything to do with Kmart's stigma as a store for poor people.

But hey, minimate Kra'ang! Kmart is the only non-specialty store to carry the blind bags and Kra'ang is only available in the non-specialty store sets. He comes as giant brain in the torso of a robot, but the pack also comes with a minimate version of the disembodied giant brain version. You can pretend he's 80's cartoon Krang!

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