Thursday, June 30, 2011

Who is trapped in the Pandorica? Everyone.

So the Underground Toys Doctor Who SDCC exclusive is going to be River Song with the Pandorica Chair, which actually includes a base that connects to the Pandorica Walls from that recent Pandorica wave of toys.

And it goes out of its way to mention that it is compatible with all regular 11th Doctor figures.

Man, I sort of want this now. Especially since it means you can trap almost any Doctor Who figure in the Pandorica.

Naut Kei Loi / Medphyll

I've got a problem with Medphyll because after he lost his powers he tried to be a hero but eventually the dude betrayed some of his allies and got Jack Knight (Starman) killed. Then he showed up again and magic retcon, no that never happened and Medphyl is once again a trusted member of the Corps. So instead of using Medphyll, I'm going to pop on the alternate head and have this figure be Naut Kei Loi. Not because I prefer the character of Naut Kei Loi, truth be told I know nothing about him, but he's a fish wearing a space helmet filled with water so he can breathe on land and in space, and that's awesome.

Because I like space helmets and I like fish people who wear special environmental suits to live on land. Why would you do that fish? You're meant to live in the sea. You don't see people wearing diving suits to live under water full time, do you? Actually do you? Because as fish, you'd probably be the first to know.

So for this single figure with two heads, we add Naut Kei Loi to our Rainbow Corps. The only question now is how completist do I get? Do I get another figure to have Medphyll in the background? (Or as I will pretend in my head, Medphyll's younger cousin trying to redeem the family name.)

Current Corps

Green Lanterns: 10
Sinestro Corps: 4
Red Lanterns: 2
Star Sapphires: 1
Black Lanterns: 1

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

G'Hu & Stel

Hey everyone, it's G'Hu, the Green Lantern Classics figure that's actually a Green Lantern Movie Masters figure but you had to buy even if you just wanted the comic accurate figures because it was the only way to get the last part of the Stel build a figure. Seriously, the number of these G'Hu figures on e-bay sans the BAF part is insane. The main problem of course is that it's a Movie Masters figure, with all that entails, trying to pass itself off in a Classics line. So the coloring, design, and articulation don't match at all. And to top it off this is a Movie Master of an unimportant background character, so hooray, he has even less importance to the average comic book or Green Lantern fan. Great work picking the characters fans want, Mattel. The figure itself is fine if you like the Movie Masters Green Lantern alien designs, or the weird articulation which is basically a series of cut joints at various points on the body.

I only got this one for the Stel BAF part... and that would also probably explain the high number of these figures I found at Wal-Marts across California where the Stel BAF piece had been ripped from the packaging, taped up, and Wal-Mart was trying to sell the figure sans part for full price. 4 Wal-Marts I saw this at! So that's 4 out of 4 Wal-marts I checked, for a 100% rate!

But after collecting the other 5 parts, I knew I had to get the 6th. So really I was paying for the arm and the G'Hu figures was the bonus accessory. I love how Stel towers over the other figures in this series. Like I said with Arkilo, it gives the line a sense of varying sizes and differences to the many aliens in the alien space cops.

Current Corps Toys owned
Green Lanterns: 9
Sinestro Corps: 4
Red Lanterns: 2
Star Sapphires: 1
Black Lanterns: 1

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Articulated Monster ep. 10: Back To The Future Wasn't That Great

It was a pain uploading this episode, but it's finally up.

If you want to follow along and look at the pictures we were looking at during the news segment then here are the links.

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Megabloks warcraft/starcraft

Green Lantern Classics from eBay

Okay, I need to power through a backlog, so I'm going to put all my recent Green Lantern ebay items into one big post!

And away we go!

Tomar Re

Hey, I've not particular fondness or hate for the yellow bird Green Lantern. Dude was before my time. I'm just happy to have another alien Green Lantern figure. And that's all that really matters. Although I've never fully understood the character. Is he a bird? Does that mean he has wings? Or is he a mammal with a beak? No idea.

Black Lantern Abin Sur

As someone pointed out, totally a figure of Black Hand Amon Sur. Which is okay, because the amount I care about either Sur can be counted on no hands. That said, Amon Sur had the better Black Lantern design, but he doesn't appear in the Green Lantern movie, so rename ahoy.

That said, I love his double jointed elbows, his wrist joints, and his outstretched hand. It allows for some very melodramatic gestures. I didn't think I'd get any Black Lantern figures, but this one has changed my mind. If they come with enough flexibility to imply decomposed, unstable musculature, then bring them on.

Green Lantern eBay Lot

Ironically this is mostly made up of Sinestro Corps figures. We have Katma Tui, Hal Jordan, Maash, Low, Arkillo, Dex-starr, and Despotislisisis (sp?). Repeat readers will notice that I've already got 3 of these figures, but that's going to start happening now that I need to bid on multiple figure lots rather than individual figures to get some of the figures I want at reasonable prices. These doubles won't be counting towards my total number of Corps figures.

But let's talk about the figures I haven't already added to the collection. Low & Maash, the basic Sinestro Corps starters. Maash is a good figure, Low is not so much. His head has no articulation due to its shape, and any atempts to turn that head pops the head right off. Also, some clerk asked me if his name was really Low, because they thought that was a reference to his power level. So no love for Low. Both because of the stupid name and the tendency to lay eggs in his victims.

Next we have Hal Jordan, but Hal Jordan sucks so I wouldn't be surprised if he becomes custom fodder.

Then we have Arkilo, the giant BAF from the first Green Lantern Classics wave. He's a nice bulky figure who feels big. Big enough to be intimidating but not large enough as to seem like he's in the wrong toy line. I like the figure and how it gives the entire line a sense that you are really dealing with different aliens with different body types and sizes.

Which is important when your toy line is based on a space opera. Too many humanoid figures with the same basic shape and size begins to strain the suspension of disbelief. This isn't the 50's. I'm looking at you Legion of Superheroes.

Current Corps

Green Lanterns: 7
Sinestro Corps: 4
Red Lanterns: 2
Star Sapphires: 1
Black Lanterns: 1

Monday, June 27, 2011

Sodam Yat

Hey, It's Sodam Yat, the Daxamite (basically a planet of space racists who have powers like Superman but with a lead weakness instead of Kryptonite) who hated his people's xenophobia and became a Green Lantern and then Ion, the supercharged Green Lantern host to the space dolphin that creates the Green Lantern powers. So he has Superman powers, a green lantern ring, and access to the powers of Ion...  and then he'll get his ass handed to him repeatedly by Superboy Prime. Because Geoff Johns.

Fortunately they've made him an interesting character by making him one of the more gung-ho, aggressive members of the Corps, with a complete self-hatred of his family/people and a determination not to become like them while not forgetting that being raised in such a world has formed how he reacts to events.

All that said, since he's a Daxamite he looks basically human, so interesting character, dull figure. Ah well. At least he's wearing the Ion costume and not the standard Green Lantern costume, so that adds some spectacle/specialness to the figure. Also he comes with an alternate hand that features a light construct.

Current Corps

Green Lanterns: 5
Sinestro Corps: 1
Red Lanterns: 2
Star Sapphires: 1

Friday, June 24, 2011

Articulated Monster Question post

We'll be recording the next episode of the Articulated Monster on Sunday. If you've got a question you would like to hear us answer on the show, leave a comment below.

Katma Tui

Basically I picked up this character to build up the ranks of my Green Lantern Corps figures. I'm on a kick right now, so an original Green Lantern DCUC scale character is a no-brainer. Unless it looks stupid. I'm looking at you Movie Masters figures.

The most notable fact about Katma Tui is that she's John Stewart's dead wife. But back when she was alive she had a different characterization. Yes, back then Katma Tui was John Stewarts alien wife. So hooray progress?

But I remember her from the time she out in a Green Lantern commune on Earth after the Crisis. She's also one of the rare female members of the Rainbow Corps that they've made a toy of.

I don't know if this is just my figure, but I'm finding her torso hinge to be stuck and effectively useless. Kind of annoying. On the plus side she comes with constructs: a shield and a sword with spikes on the hilt where for no obvious reason.

Current Corps

Green Lanterns: 4
Sinestro Corps: 1
Red Lanterns: 2
Star Sapphires: 1

Thursday, June 23, 2011


I never really expected to ever buy any of the Masters of the Universe Classics. I always considered them over priced and my nostalgia for Masters of the Universe was never enough to get me to buy toys. I didn't buy any of the 200x line, and I consider those much better looking than the MOTUC designs.

And then they showed off Optikk, a guy with a giant eyeball for a head and suddenly things changed. I love giant eyeballs. It helps that he's not based on the original He-Man figures but on the weird space version they did after the weird sci-fi/fantasy Eternia stuff died a slow death. Since I have no memories of this guy and as a result I can view it as a wholly original toy, with no nostalgia. It's just a neat looking figure.

Of course the whole thing about Matty Collector being crap cast a pall over my excitement over the figure, so I resigned myself to the idea that I would never get this figure and then it would cost an insane amount on the secondary market. BUT then I found someone selling it for about what it would have cost originally, so I snatched one up. And damn is it neat.

Why did I buy that toy? Because it's a space guy with a giant eyeball for a head. Is another reason really necessary?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Courtroom Egon Spengler & Scolari Brother Tony

It's hard to figure out what to call this set since the front of the box spells it "Scolari" but the back of the box spells it "Scoleri." I'd complain if I really cared, but it's just fun to point out proofreading errors on professionally printed material. It makes me feel better about myself. Incidentally, the ghosbuster wiki says "Scoleri" so let's go with that.

Better known as the fat one and the skinny one from Ghostbusters 2, the Scoleri brothers were really the first ghosts in the movie. The fat one is packaged with Ray, but I didn't get him. I got Egon and the thin one. I didn't think I'd ever get this set even though I really like minimate ghost figures because the Egon figure did nothing for me. It's a Ghostbuster out of uniform, boring.

But then Toys R Us priced all Ghostbuster movie minimates down to under $2.50, and SOLD! I'm assuming this is to make room for the Real Ghostbuster minimate waves that are supposed to be out soon, but even so: cheap minimates! So cheap that even Egon in a dull suit looks good! Oh, and Egon, you're supposed to wear the tie under the sweater. Unless this is supposed to be a character thing about how unconventional Egon is.

I understand that it'd be too expensive, but I sort of wish that the Scoleri brothers came with the electric chairs they first appeared in. That was an awesome visual.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kyle Rayner

Kyle doesn't wear the standard Green Lantern uniform because he's an artist and his imagination is too active to be constrained by such rules. And since he's the one who single handedly brought back the Green Lantern Corps after Hal Jordan destroyed it, they pretty much let him do whatever the hell they want. He's essentially a wish fullfillment fantasy for artists.

This means that toywise, Kyle was a must get in my attempts to build my 6 inch Green Lantern Corps since he's a key member of the Green Lantern mythos with a look unique to the Green Lanterns. He is also one of the few Green Lantern figures to come with a construct, something they don't do enough of in a line called Green Lantern Classics. Although given Kyle's proclivity for extravagant constructs, a sword seems a bit pedestrian.

Oh, and most importantly, he's a human Green Lantern that isn't Hal Jordan. Suck it Hal.

Current Corps

Green Lanterns: 3
Sinestro Corps: 1
Red Lanterns: 2
Star Sapphires: 1

Monday, June 20, 2011


As part of a presentation, someone where I work brought in her husband's old Sentinel figure. I thought it was pretty good looking, and then I found out that it had a rocket punch, launching feet projectiles, and launching chest projectile and I knew I had to get one of my own.

So thank you ebay.

The look is a bit retro, very mid-90's. It lacks the details that you'd get out of a modern sculpt, but I think the minimal look is part of the charm. This looks like the simpler Sentinels I saw on the television, comic books, and video games. It came with stickers that would add the idea of wires and electronics, but I like the uniform sleekness that you get without the stickers.

And yes, maybe there's no articulation for the legs, but if you press one of the buttons on the knees, the corresponding foot shoots off. And no elbows? Who cares, it has a rocket punch on one hand and the other hand has a grappling hook that retracts when you press a button. The head doesn't turn, who cares. If you pull the head just right the chest shoots forward and reveals a prison for smaller characters.

The action features make this a fun toy. Screw your elaborate sculpting and lack of articulation. And that may be the only time I say that on this blog. It also helps that this is a massive toy, towering over my other figures.

Friday, June 17, 2011

School Cafeteria

When I saw the accessories that came in this set I knew it must be mine. I mean look at all that stuff, a counter! A cash register! A vending machine! That cash register actually has an opening drawer with a sticker of money in it!

Also you get some food and drink stuff.

All items you could expect to buy at a European lunch counter, or an IKEA. Healthy fruit, rolls, milk, and some generic shortbread cookies. Also a plunger. Which leads to the weird fact that this school cafeteria set comes with a janitor/handyman. I guess cafeterias need a guy to sweep up and fix plumbing. Although how many times have you seen a handyman working on the plumbing when you're buying a sandwich? Seems like something that the administration might not want eaters to see.

Of course the real gem in this set is the vending machine. It dispenses bottles when you push the wheel. It's kinda cool. And its perectly in scale with the 2 or 3 inch minifigures.

.Aww, Gollum wants a soda. A precious, precious soda. Unless those are bottles filled with wine. Actually that's the main reason I picked up this set. I loved the potential uses of the accessories with my minifigures. The comedy potential is just too great.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

4WD with Horse Trailer

I picked this up for the Lego SUV, but I didn't mind that it came with a horse trailer. I've always found those amusing when I see one driving down the freeway. It's a small box with a living horse in it, being towed down the street at 70 MPH. You can even see/smell the horses sometimes.

I'm fascinated by the minifigures. The guy in the flannel could either be a rich dude wearing his casual wear or a blue collar rural worker. By wearing the riding gear, the woman looks very upper crust. Unless equestrian sports has gotten a more populist reputation and I just wasn't aware of it.

And since Legos usually don't have their own backstory here's the one I've come up with: it's a set detailing the long time love affair between a rich woman and the family's horse trainer that they can only consummate when they travel to equestrian events around the country. They're waiting for her parents to die so they can marry because she knows her family would never approve.

I'm not good with coming up with names

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Sony Games Minimates

And we come to the final set of Toys R Us Exclusive Minimates from that order I made. I don't have a PS3, so I found it surprisingly easy to leave out the Resistance set in this wave that had a solider character I didn't know and the monster/zombie type creature that I also didn't know. But that did leave me with some awesome sets using fairly well known characters. And its a good thing they're well known, since I don't have a PS3 and haven't played a single game with any of these characters.

Jak and Daxter
In theory Daxter (the half otter-weasel) should only be as high as Jax's waist, but that probably would have been a really hard figure to sculpt, so we make do with what we have. It's rather annoying that Daxter is designed so his legs have to be bent, as keeping them straight would prevent his feet from resting on the ground. The best part of this set is Jak's shotgun holster on his back, they really made it work well. I really like that Daxter uses a unique torso to create the impression of his animal body, so big ups there.

Ratchet & Clank
I love Clank's robot design. The smaller Clank attaches to Ratchet's back, emulating how they appear in various platforming aspects of the game. (I've seen a friend play it.) Again, Clank should be significantly smaller than Ratchet, but I love the design so much that I prefer this version more. Ratchet's design isn't to shabby either. And you can't go wrong with a ray gun.

Unless it actully works and you kill someone with it. Then a ray gun has gone horribly wrong.

Nathan Drake & Chloe Frazer from Uncharted
So here's what I know about these guys. Nathan Drake is like Nathan Fillion mixed with Indiana Jones who quips as he kills people. Chloe is voiced by Claudia Black in sultry/scheming mode. Uncharted 2 is supposed to be a really good game. When they announced Mark Wahlberg would play Nathan in an upcoming Uncharted movie the internet revolted and he was taken off the project. Then Nathan Fillion mentioned he wanted to play Nathan Drake and the internet had a collective orgasm.

All of which tells you absolutely nothing about these figures, which are good interpretations of the characters, especially considering the inherent limitations of the minimate form.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Calico Jack's Pirate Raiders

And the next wave of minimates in my big minimate order of Toys R Us exclusive is a sub-series of the Minimates in house brand: Minimates Max. It's time for Minimate pirates! This is kind of a mix between Calico Jack: the real life pirate who is best known for having two women pirates in his crew (including the most famous real life woman pirate ever), and a rip-off of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Oddly enough most of the named characters are based on real life people from the Calico Jack story, but then given Zombie powers because why not? Incidentally I want this trend continued with a line of Presidents. I'm serious Diamond, I want Presidential Ghost minimates.

But back to the topic at hand: minimate pirates, wave 1.

Calico Jack and Tom Brown:
The profile for Calico Jack, aka John Rackham, says that he's a pirate who only attacks pirates who attack the innocent. That's kind of lame for a pirate. Although it plants him firmly as a good guy that they can build a line around. Which kinda sucks when you realize that in real life he was just a pirate who killed people and took a married woman for his common-law wife after she decided to become a pirate. Meanwhile they've decided he should look like the pirate version of X-Men's Gambit.

Tom Brown gets three strikes against him: his design looks boring/ridiculous, his large chest piece hinders articulation, and his name is dull. His one upside is his accessories, including the so ludicrous its awesome axe-rifle.

Charles Vane and "Old Dad the Cooper"
Those long coats the pirates have restrict the movement of the limbs something awful. So Charles Vaines gets multiple points off for his coat, and for his obvious resemblence to the PoTC zombie pirates. Meanwhile Old Dad the Cooper gets bonus points for a ridiculous name and for having a peg leg which is actualy a harpoon.

Except for Tom Brown, all the figures have a fully painted body underneat their vests and coats. The ones wearing coats have shirts underneath, but "Old Dad the Cooper" is the only one to have an alternate head underneath the minimatehead sheath that they usually use for masks. It makes Old Dad the Cooper the most awesome minimate in this set.

Jonathan Barnet and Nukpana

It's the non-pirates! Jonathan Barnet is the stuffy military man who has to deal with Jack's rude and reckless ways. He'd try to stop Jack, but damnit he has to admit that Jack gets results. Seriously, are we going with this archetype? Fine. Like all British naval officers, Barnet wears an impractical but very impressive looking coat and cape. Also, a gold vest for some reason. Nukpana on the other hand is awesome. He's a Native American, and that's all we're told about him. Personally that seems a bit demeaning. What are his hopes, his dreams? Why is he covered in red markings and why is he in the British Navy but not required to wear a shirt? Hell, why is he in the British Navy? These questions will haunt me.

Robert Deal and Nicholas Vanhooorn

It must suck to be Robert Deal. Sure he's the first officer, but he's also the only one on Charles Vanes's ship that isn't an undead zombie. That can't be a comfortable ship to live on. To make matter worse, he's also got a long coat. I'm getting sick of pirates if they're all going to be like this. They should be more like Nicholas Vanhoorn who has no long coat. Although they don't all have to be diseased zombies. Maybe just a few of them.

Because I ain't afraid of no toys of pirate zombies and ghosts.

Necrophilia is not an acceptable fetish

Despite what the movie Corpse Bride tried to imply, finding the death sexy is not a good thing. Which is why I'm weirded out that they're making a Black Flash Ame-Comi figure. Black Flash, the embodiment of Death for speedsters in the DC Universe, looks like this...
What the hell.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Articulated Monster ep 09: Hobo Superman

Episode 9 of the Articulated Monster Podcast, the only podcast about toys that I am on. This week we talk about what toys from the new DC Comcis relaunch we want to see. To follow along with us as we go down the listings check out this webpage:

And before that, to follow along with us during the news segment, check out the following links:

New Green Lantern Movie Masters

New Pirates OTC figures

DCUC Wave 19

Mattell sustainability

X-Men First Class

My big order of Toys R US Exclusive minimates came in, so let's start with the X-Men First Class minimates. Based on the recent movie, I picked up these minimates because: Kevin Bacon as a minimate. So that's probably a good place to start. Please keep in mind that I haven't seen this movie and probably won't until it is released on DVD.

Xavier & Shaw

Both rather dull minimates. Sadly, Shaw doesn't really look that much like Kevin Bacon and his clothing sculpt has some damn sloppy paint and a lazy sculpt. The Xavier minimate does sort of look like whoever the hell plays him in the movie. Sorry, I can't be bothered to look it up in imdb. I was going to guess how many degrees away he was from Kevin Bacon, but then I realized it was 1, because they were in this freaking movie. Sometimes my mind moves slower than it should. At least they got Xavier's face right. He looks like a condescending dick and that means all is as it should be.

Magneto & Mystique

This set is a little better because it actually has an accessory, which was sorely lacking with the Xavier and Shaw set. Magento gets a helmet and a hair piece. And it's not an X-men movie if Magneto isn't accompanied by Mystique... because people loved it when she walked around naked. But in this movie she doesn't walk around naked. She's wearing an X-men uniform. And suddenly people are praising the actress who plays Mystique for being such a good actor. What are the odds, stop walking around naked and people stop ogling you and take you seriously. That's a life lesson you only get from movies people.

Beast & Azazel

I don't know what depresses me more, that they used Azazel in the movie or that his minimate is one of the better ones in this wave. If you don't know, Azazel was one of the worst ideas to be used in the X-men ever, that's all you need to know. I hear they changed him dramatically in the movie, which makes sense, because otherwise the movie would be the stupidest movie ever. I HATE HIM SO MUCH! And he comes with Beast who is blue because people can't let go of the 90's cartoon. Or maybe it's because its his iconic look. One of those. This is the other set in this wave to get an accessory, Azazel's teleport base. Because why not make him even more like Nightcrawler and remind me of the Azazel of the comic books and HE NEEDS TO BE RETCONNED AND NEVER MENTIONED AGAIN!

Emma Frost & Havok

They did it. Those bastards finally did it! They made an Emma Frost action figure that's isn't half-naked. I thought that was beyond the scope of man or god! I know there's no market for the haggard, sweat pants and loose sweater action figure variant of Emma Frost, but come on, it would be hilarious if they made one. As for Havok... I don't even want to contemplate how much it must screw up the continuity of the Summers family tree if Alex is around in the 1960s... wait, its the Summers family tree, that means it already makes no sense. So Alex in this movie could just be a time traveller, sent to the past to ensure that his parents hook up, but at the same time he will give his mother a blood transfusion that will give her the x-gene required to produce the powerful Summers children.... And you know what, that would actually be less insane than the Summers family tree in the comic books.

I'm trying to help here, Singer!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Age of Apocalypse Sabertooth & Age of Apocalypse Blink

Another set of character for the Age of Apocalypse minimates that... Wait a minute... Sabertooth & Blink join the Morph also in this wave... This isn't Age of Apocalypse wave at all... well it is... but its also an Exiles wave. Exiles, the Quantum Leap of the Marvel multiverse, or whatever Marvel's version of the multiverse is called. They just picked the AOA name because people would recognize it more than they would Exiles, which is kind of sad when you think about it. AOA was 15 years ago, Exiles was in print as long as a year or two ago.

But Exiles is one of Judd Winnick's better ideas, so let's celebrate it for that. Also because it finally allowed Marvel to publish a regular title with the ultra-popular Blink in it, finally rectifying their mistake of killing off one of the  X-men's most popular new characters... about a month after they introduced her. Whoops!

Wedding Piano Player

Oh hey, they made a piano playset for Playmobil. I guess it's part of the Wedding sub-series, but I don't care about Plamobil Weddings, so why would I want this? For the Piano? It's not like I have figures in this scale that are screaming out for a piano.

Oh wait, yes I do.


I love Playmobil sometimes. Not the figures, the accessories. The piano has a working key cover. And if you add batteries it'll actually play a song when you press the keys. How awesome is that? You can't hear it since I only took a picture.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


So I was thinking about my ongoing mission to collect the DCUC figures of bad ideas of their biggest characters and create a sort of Bad Idea Justice League. I've got mullet Superman and Knightfall Batman, but then I remembered Electric Superman and I had to get this guy.

Because what's a stupider idea than getting rid of the popular look and symbol of your most iconic character for an entire year? Oh right, having him walk across America for an entire year after he's just spent an entire year away from Earth. Still, having him become a being of pure energy with even vaguely defined energy and reality warping based powers is right up there.

Thank god for ebay. Even though he's from an early wave I was able to get this guy for not too much more than current retail for DCUC figures. So that was nice. The lightning bolts clip to his hands, but not very strongly so they have a tendency to pop off. The one attached to his back is pretty firmly stuck there, although I thought it was weird that it had a traditional Superman logo on it. As if Superman was generating the energy that was emanating from him, but also manipulating it to display his logo on his back like a "Kick Me" sign. Or a corporate billboard.

Anyway, if you asked someone which was the stupidest redesign, Knightfall Batman or Electric Blue Superman, even if they were both meant to be temporary, what would they say? Well, there's only one way to really answer that.