Thursday, June 23, 2011


I never really expected to ever buy any of the Masters of the Universe Classics. I always considered them over priced and my nostalgia for Masters of the Universe was never enough to get me to buy toys. I didn't buy any of the 200x line, and I consider those much better looking than the MOTUC designs.

And then they showed off Optikk, a guy with a giant eyeball for a head and suddenly things changed. I love giant eyeballs. It helps that he's not based on the original He-Man figures but on the weird space version they did after the weird sci-fi/fantasy Eternia stuff died a slow death. Since I have no memories of this guy and as a result I can view it as a wholly original toy, with no nostalgia. It's just a neat looking figure.

Of course the whole thing about Matty Collector being crap cast a pall over my excitement over the figure, so I resigned myself to the idea that I would never get this figure and then it would cost an insane amount on the secondary market. BUT then I found someone selling it for about what it would have cost originally, so I snatched one up. And damn is it neat.

Why did I buy that toy? Because it's a space guy with a giant eyeball for a head. Is another reason really necessary?


  1. Optikk is such a cool figure and one i need track down at some point. I agree with you on the 200X figs too i perfer them over the new ones.

  2. That's reason enough for me, LOL
    He's Bitchin'!


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