Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Skallox/Nite Lik

So time to start army building the Rainbow Corps. We'll start with the Red Lanterns since that was an easy one to get a hold of and it features skull guy.

I dig the design and all, but I'm having trouble getting over the idea that an alien race somehow evolved to have heads that look exactly like an Earth goat skull. Which is weird because I have no trouble with the bipedal space dogs from whatever planet G'nort was from. (G'Neecham?)

The figure comes with the Right Leg of Stel, the Build A Figure for Wave 2. I think I'm going to try and build Stel, although that G'Hu figure isn't something I'm inclined to go for. We'll see.

The figure also comes with swappable head & hands for Nite-Lik, the designed for this toy line character and then adopted by Johns who gave it a silly name like he does for all his aliens, I'm not even sure I want to include him in my Rainbow Corps. His profile says he collects the bones of his foes, which sounds more like a Sinestro Corps member to me, but then all his crap is red, so I can't just put his stuff on a Sinestro Corps body.  Also his tentacle hands and head look like a pain to deal with on the toy shelf.

It's all about practicality people. PRACTICALITY!

Current Corps
Green Lanterns: 2
Sinestro Corps: 1
Red Lanterns: 2
Star Sapphires: 1

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