Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Koozebane Kermit

Hey, it's Reporter Kermit! Not the superior Sesame Street version, the somewhat inferior if only because he didn't have the oversized microphone and hat one from the Muppet Show. Still it's based on an iconic Muppet Show sketch... just not one I like... or am entirely certain I ever saw.

But it's Kermit in a trench coat! And for some reason I'm really preferring characters in this line be dressed up in something ridiculous. You may say, Kermit wearing a trenchcoat isn't that ridiculous. WRONG! I've never seen frogs in the wild wearing trenchcoats, have you? When you weren't high?

The alien base is neat and the Koozebanians  look pretty accurate, I think. They never really made an impression on me, so I can't really recall them in any detail. But for me it's all about the Muppet News Reporter on the scene: Kermit the frog. He goes to other planets to report the news! Screw Newscopter 5, this reporter goes to space.

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