Sunday, April 28, 2013

Buyer's Remorse Prof X edition

Did I buy it because I really wanted it or because I saw a couple Prof X & Jubilee figures on the shelf and wanted to buy one for proof?

Or did I buy it to put Admiral Ackbar in a floating wheelchair?

Uncanny X-men

As much as I want a Baby Cyclops figure, i can't justify paying $25 for him if the only other figure in the set I'm even kinda interested in getting is Longshot.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Rufus and Julia

Pretty much picked this set up because Rufus helps me fill out my minimate Street Fighter 4 roster and Julia is one of the few Tekken characters I recognize since she's who I usually play as the few times I've ever played a Tekken game. Still couldn't tell you anything about either of their backstories though.

Monday, April 22, 2013

AMP Episode 70: George Washington with a crank gun

Hey, does anyone actually listen to these?

If so, feel free to leave a question you want us to answer in the comments and we'll address it in the next episode.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Mr. Fantastic and the Puppet Master

Still slogging through the March purchases. And let's move on to one where the reason I bought it was completely for the accessories!

Mr. Fantastic comes with a bunch of stretchy parts, but I've seen most of them in the Super Skrull vs. Crimson Viper set. But there's also some new ones, like a stretchy neck and an ultimiate nullifier.


That is so awesome it hurts.

As for the Puppet Master, or the guy who is essentially the Thing's father-in-law since he's Alicia Master's loving step-father who uses his magic clay to create puppets of people that allow him to control their mind s. I'm not the hugest fan of this character since they wrote him selling underage superheroines as sex slaves a few years back (what the hell Marvel). but Marvel has wisely pretended that never happened and he was used to good effect fighting Deadpool and Machine Man recently. 

Which is a really long way of saying I really like his tiny minimate clay puppets.


Monday, April 8, 2013

Strictus & Bliss Reynolds

Oh, hey, Battle Beasts. Remember how excited everyone was when it was first announced that minimates got the Battle Beasts franchise and how people slowly stopped caring, especially once the designs started to be shown and a lot of the cool aspects of the original toys started disappearing. (No Wood/Water/Fire battles? No cyborg parts? What?) Yeah. So this is a two pack from the Specialty store release (which we all know means comic book stores and online toy shops) as opposed to the Toys R Us release. The difference? Well you can only get the human characters from the specialty shops, in my case the toy show we went to back in March.

Strictus is one of two rattlesnake figures in this wave (the other is just a repaint and only available from Toys R Us.) And according to the card, Bliss is a linguist who read out an ancient scroll and brought the warring sides of the Battle Beasts to Earth in some sort of mix between Transformers and Evil Dead.

So I picked up this two pack because 1) I like the design of the snake guy. He's a snake with arms. And the base of his character is pretty fricking awesome. 2) The human female character is a design that is not like any other human female minimate out there. She's kinda got an Abby from NCIS vibe going. Also her accessories basically have her holding up a wall of flame which I assume is part of the new Battle Beast mythology but I don't know because I don't care.

One warning. My set didn't come with the alternate arms for the human female so she can just be wearing her shirt. I'll have to contact Diamond to see if I can get replacements.

But most importantly, the snake base can be used to create minimate naga. (Think a centaur but with a snake lower torso instead of a horse.)