Friday, March 31, 2017

Alexa Bliss

Thanks to the Topps WWE Slam card trading app, where you trade virtual cards with other people, I've gotten into the WWE again. Kinda. Mostly I've gotten into the Smackdown show and the recent developments in the Women's division. The last time I was into professional wrestling was the late 90's and back then the women's division was pretty much an excuse for T&A spectacle with a token attempt at wrestling. Most of the wrestlers were models who lucked into WWE contracts and a few of them took their jobs seriously enough that they held some decent matches. 

But these days the women's roster is filled with people who were wrestling fans or children of professional wrestlers, so before they joined the WWE they took learning pro-wrestling seriously. As a result, the current Women's division of the WWE is filled with strong wrestlers who are ignoring the T&A elements of professional wrestling to instead put beat the crap out of each other. Plus the writers are taking things seriously as well, and a result the storylines  and matches the women are doing revolve around proving who the best wrestlers are rather than coming up with gimmicks to strip the women down to their underwear/ It's insanely fun to watch.

So hey! I'm totally down to buy WWE action figures again. Now when it comes to the figures of male wrestlers, the more expensive Elite figures have better articulation and a couple accessories. The Basic figures are missing some joints and rarely come with an accessory. But the female wrestlers have the same articulation regardless if they're basic or Elite figures, the only difference is accessories and costume design. So if you're looking to pick up some female wrestling action figures you get to save some cash.

The figures are pretty damned decent for about $10. (Oddly this is one of the price points where Toys R Us is cheaper than Target.) The likeness is so-so, which is really weird considering they use the live-scan technology where they make a scan of each wrestler's likeness by sitting them down and scanning their head to make a 3-D model. But you can tell which person it is, and it's $10, so it's good enough. 

This is Alexis Bliss. She started out as a pixie girl type character, but really took off once she adopted a mean girl persona and became a heel. Since she's moved to the Smackdown show she's become insanely popular so I was really looking forward to this figure. Again: the face is decent enough and the expression is neat. The figure itself is totally worth $10. Hooray.


I wonder if other James has this yet.