Sunday, October 8, 2017


Now with standing there passively action!

So I'm at a Walgreens and I'm browsing their anticipatory engorged holiday toy aisle, and I see these 6 inch Star Wars figures for $6.99. These look pretty similar to the Star Wars Black Line, but with less packaging, no accessories, and as far as I can tell almost no articulation. They're basically those 12-inch Titan figures that they sell for $10 but shrunk down to a 6 inch scale.

And that's really what they are. I've opened this guy up and he has 4 points of articulation: ball joint head, cut shoulders and a mid-torso swivel. But considering the $20 Star Was Black C3-PO wasn't a wealth of articulation, I'm down for this. 

I also picked up the Captain Phasma and her gun is permanently affixed to her hand. She has 5 points of articulation: ball joint head, cut shoulders, cut wrist on her gun hand, cut torso. Oh, but bonus, they're buy 2 get 1 free. So I also picked up the First Order Storm Trooper who I have not opened byt based on his welded gun hand, I'm guessing also has 5 points of articulation. For $14, 3 in scale figures of characters I wasn't going to do a lot of posing with anyway is in my mind a great deal. If any stores had more than one set of these guys, it might have been a great way to build a First Order army.

There were also some DC heroes, Marvel heroes and static transformers in this scale. They all sucked. But for some reason the Star Wars figures look very close to the Star Wars Black figures. Go figure.