Sunday, May 30, 2010


My desire for an Ecto-1 Hot Wheel had reached the point of near futility, where I began to tell myself that I didn't really want one after all. I took a look at Mario's and began some sour grapes rationalization, telling myself it looked stupid.

Then of course a week later I found one and quickly bought it. And... well I think it wasn't worth the effort I put into searching for it, but it's a nice little Hot Wheel. Really it could look like shit and as long as it had the Ghostbusters Logo I think it'd still have the near hysteria of collectors as it does now. But it looks like the Ecto-1 would if everything that wasn't part of the original car was made of dull black plastic.

Meanwhile on the ramp and loop, the Ecto-1 failed to clear the loop, usually a sign that the car is too light. And holding it in your hand you certainly miss the feeling of a heavy metal toy car.

Ramp Distance: DNF

Friday, May 7, 2010

Blue Beetle (3)

DC Comic's creative direction has pretty much lost me, but before it did they had just enough time to make me a fan of the new Blue Beetle comic. Because of that I've always been a big fan of the Jaime Reyes, the third Blue Beetle, character and when I heard they were making a DCUC figure of him I knew it was on my must have list. Since it's DCUC, I prepared for the worst. Those suckers are always hard to find when they're first scheduled.

But I got one and now I am happy. His joints seem a little looser than the other DCUC figures I own, but they hold up, and he retains a pose well. Standing him up is no problem, so hooray on that front. Accessory wise the Blue Beetle (3) comes with a pair of detachable wings which are really easy to take off and put back on using a series of pegs on the back. Despite this ease, they stay fairly well stuck to the back until you want to take them off again. They're also light enough that the figure still stands upright with them on. Oh, and one note, it's just the wings. The beetle scarab shaped backpack that produces the figure's pincher head halo is part of the figure proper.

He also comes with a blade which snaps onto the arm, a pin of Ted Kord from the JLI first issue cover, and a leg of Trigon. But screw it, I'm not getting any other Trigon BAF figures so it's just a leg. A leg that the Blue Beetle maybe tore off someone?