Sunday, May 30, 2010


My desire for an Ecto-1 Hot Wheel had reached the point of near futility, where I began to tell myself that I didn't really want one after all. I took a look at Mario's and began some sour grapes rationalization, telling myself it looked stupid.

Then of course a week later I found one and quickly bought it. And... well I think it wasn't worth the effort I put into searching for it, but it's a nice little Hot Wheel. Really it could look like shit and as long as it had the Ghostbusters Logo I think it'd still have the near hysteria of collectors as it does now. But it looks like the Ecto-1 would if everything that wasn't part of the original car was made of dull black plastic.

Meanwhile on the ramp and loop, the Ecto-1 failed to clear the loop, usually a sign that the car is too light. And holding it in your hand you certainly miss the feeling of a heavy metal toy car.

Ramp Distance: DNF


  1. Well a ecto1 is a ecto1. I was looking for this car too but I dun think it can be found on local retails in SG.

  2. agree with u. That is y 5 years ago I start looking for this Acto-1 made by JL. Which I pay 5 time more then this HW Acto-1 market price (RM25)
    I have no regret buying them. Now I hav 3 diff design of this Acto-1, which will be post up on my blog soon.