Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Seventh Doctor & Electronic TARDIS

This is the 7th Doctor. There's two versions released, one is of his creame colored coat from his earlier stories. That one is packaged with a Dalek. This one is from the later stories, when he wore a darker jacket. They're esentially the same except the color of the jacket and the head sculpt is identical. But they were sold out of the other one, so I got this one. And it only is available with an Electronic TARDIS.

But I already have an Electronic TARDIS. Yes I do. But this one is different, for one thing it's a lighter color blue, but that's not all. In the classic Doctor Who series the TARDIS wsa lighter colored, but it also varied in size depending on which TARDIS prop they were using that year. Sometimes it was tall and skinny, other times it was very large. So it's difficult to say this is inaccurate. But it's easy to say that it's smaller than the one sold from the Doctor Who: the New Series of toys. Also, the phone panels are differnt. In the New Series TARDIS the phone was attached to the back of the sign and was essentially cut out from the door, so you saw the interior through the hole. In the Classic Series TARDIS the phone is given its own little cubby and has a rotary phone in there.

In the New Series TARDIS they put in a sticker on the interior to look like the TARDIS interior is within. In the Classic Series TARDIS it looks like a hollow plasic shell. Like in the episodes when the TARDIS breaks and it's not longer a TARDIS anymore.

Also, and this is a small thing: The spring loaded door which allows the door to stay open. That's broken on the Classic TARDIS I got. So that sucks. And as a final thing, I haven't put batteries in them, but the Classic Series TARDIS makes fewer noises, limited to the take off & landing noise. The New Series TARDIS is supposed to also do emergency sirens and various malfunctioning crashing noises. I haven't decided which TARDIS I like better. That broken spring on the door really sucks though.

UPDATE: I contacted the retailer and they sent me a new TARDIS for free, along with a SASE to send back the broken one.

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