Monday, June 6, 2011

Buyer''s Remorse: June 5th edition

Did a run of a local K-marts & Wal-Marts and boy am I broke.

Picked up a lot of Green Lantern stuff. Found a K-Mart with a lot of Green Lantern Classics Wave 1 in. Then there was the Wal-Mart which had a Green Lantern construct helicopter that is actually 11smaller  individual constructs that combine into helicopter construct. I'm going to spend some time analyzing how the constructs look apart and then decide if I'll keep it. The thing is, yes there's a buzsaw construct, but it's a buzzsaw that has to also look like a rotor on a helicopter.

I'm also probably going to return some of the Classics stuff... or most of it. I got in kind of an excited tizzy about possibly putting together the Arkillo BAF, until I realized that it might cost cost less to just buy the complete figure on ebay. Plus it's damned near impossible to find Arkillo's right leg since its the one that comes with the hard to find on shelves Kyle Rayner.

And really, Mongul Jr? Black Lantern Abin Sur? Guy with a cape? I can easily pass on all of these. Although I do need Low/Maash to fill out my Sinestro Corps....

Please ignore the ominous elipses.

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