Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Kyle Rayner

Kyle doesn't wear the standard Green Lantern uniform because he's an artist and his imagination is too active to be constrained by such rules. And since he's the one who single handedly brought back the Green Lantern Corps after Hal Jordan destroyed it, they pretty much let him do whatever the hell they want. He's essentially a wish fullfillment fantasy for artists.

This means that toywise, Kyle was a must get in my attempts to build my 6 inch Green Lantern Corps since he's a key member of the Green Lantern mythos with a look unique to the Green Lanterns. He is also one of the few Green Lantern figures to come with a construct, something they don't do enough of in a line called Green Lantern Classics. Although given Kyle's proclivity for extravagant constructs, a sword seems a bit pedestrian.

Oh, and most importantly, he's a human Green Lantern that isn't Hal Jordan. Suck it Hal.

Current Corps

Green Lanterns: 3
Sinestro Corps: 1
Red Lanterns: 2
Star Sapphires: 1

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