Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Buyer's Remorse: Fake Poop edition

So hey, fake poop for a $1 at Target. But to keep it or not to keep it? It's only $1. I spend more on that on a candy bar. But that's a $1 I can spend on Green Lantern toys. And as Ben Franklin once said, "Dipshit, save your money so you can spend it on better things."

But on the keep it side of the argument, it makes a squeak noise when you squeeze it.


  1. Ah that Ben Franklin....what a card.

    I say return it! I was going to ask you though, when I was at walmart, they had a Black Lantern lizard looking guy from the DCUC line, was that one you were looking for? You should post a list like Mario!

  2. Ha! I should have bought that poop when I saw it. If you ever want to sell it, email me. ;)