Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Age of Apocalypse Nemesis & Age of Apocalypse Morph

Oh poor Morph. You were a character introduced in the 90's X-Men cartoon for the sole purpose of getting killed and making it dramatic that one of the X-men died. But then you proved to be so popular that they decided to introduce you into the comics, but unlike X-23 you never got to be in the real comics, you were shunted off to alternate realities that only got limited series. But then you showed up in Exiles before that was cancelled nine times.

And now you're packed alongside a villain that they had to rename "Nemesis" because when they first came up with the character nobody though to wonder if calling a genocidal psychopath character "Holocaust" would be in bad taste.

But hell, it was the 90's. Which was like comic books stupid teenage years.

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