Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Articulated Monster, Episode 8: Nobody Likes Hal Jordan

Here's Episode 8 of the Articulated Monster Podcast, the toy/actionfigure podcast I do with Mario & James from A Year of Toys & All things Fett respectively.

Let's see if this works. Direct Download (Right click & Save Target As)

And here's something new: the links to the news bits we were talking about, so you can see what we were seeing.

Opening song: "Monster" by Meg & Dia.

Smurf Movie Basic Figure 2-packs

TRU Exclusive Joker/Harley 2 pack

Mezco SDCC Greenlanter Mez-Itz

Minimate Galactus Heralds poll

Mortal Kombat figure pics

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