Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lady Sif & Volstagg

I don't know why, but I really dig the design of Sif in the new Thor movie. Maybe it's the actress, maybe it's the costume design, but I'm actually interested in what they do with the character in the movie (aside from having her walk around naked in a "I just teleported here from my home dimension and I couldn't bring clothes" scene where she beats up a horny hunter who finds her and then obviously tries to take advantage of her. Because that's how movies show a woman is empowered and not a girly girl.) That's doubly impressive when I remember that I don't give a damn about the character in the comics.

This minimate is actually one of the better depictions of a female in the line. Yes, the pain on the sleeved arm is rather messy, but the costume, facial detail, and hair work really well in my opinion. (Also awesome, first time they sculpted long hair over one shoulder... I think. They might have done it before.)

Sif comes with Volstagg from the Warriors 3, also known as the fat one who likes to drink and eat in addition to fighting. People love this dude, and I can dig him sometimes, but the figure... man that beard looks fake. Like "Office Party Santa" fake. And really, it might be movie accurate, but dude should be a lot fatter. I really hope they make the other dudes from the Warriors 3. At least the Japanese dude. Make that guy.

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