Monday, May 30, 2011

Wal-Mart doesn't care about toy collectors. (Imagine it in a Kanye voice.)

Just a thing to watch out for. I went to Wal-Mart and noticed that they had put back on the shelf some Green Lantern Classics figures that were missing the Build-A -Figure piece. No sticker on it, no price discount, just up there on the shelf.

It wouldn't be too egregious, other than the obvious problem of some dick buying them, pulling out the pieces he wanted, and returning them.

EXCEPT: These were the exact same figures that I had informed them, explaining it to 3 employees and a manager, of missing the BAF piece 2 weeks ago. They said they'd have to e-mail everyone to make them aware that stuff like this was happening. So they were aware of the problem and decided to put them back on the shelf without putting something out there alerting customers to the missing pieces. For full price.

And when I once again took them to Customer Service and talked to a manager her response was, "well, what do you want us to do about it. The only thing we could do is pull them from the shelf." Which she then DID NOT DO.

So seriously, watch out because Wal-Mart doesn't care if they sell you bad products and don't feel bad about not having any loyalty to Wal-Mart. (But on the same side of things, don't be a dick and return merchandise after you've stolen the bits you want out of the package.)

Which is kind of stating the obvious.


  1. OMG! Can't believe that's all she had to say after you pointed out they had been returned! It's true though: Wal_Mart doesn't care,and sadly, a lot of their employees aren't paid enough to care

  2. I believe it. I was a WM employee up until a month ago. And the toys may not have been a return, they could have just been ransacked by someone. But to get their $, WM will just go ahead and tape up merchandise and sell it. Regardless if anything is missing or not. It's all about the bottom line after all.