Thursday, May 19, 2011

Radiator Springs Lightning McQueen

So I have no interest in ever watching the movie Cars. That said, I am interested in Cars 2 because of the secret agent/international spy movie plot with Michael Caine as a gadget laden James Bond car.

Also, I like Legos. So when I saw the Cars 2 Lego sets at Target I decided to pick one up. It felt weird to pay around $6 and not get a minifig with the car, but when you think about it, the car is the minifig... BRAIN HURTS! Stupid movie about anthropomorphic cars.

One thing I did like was that the graphics were actually printed on the Legos, you know, like they used to do. No stickers this time, which means no constant reapplying of the stickers to get them positioned properly. Hooray. The down side to this is that the whites aren't bright white due to the thin layer of paint they used. They're more of a dull white with the hue of the red base piece bleeding through a lot.

It's a good looking mini-car, and happily in scale with the Lego Racers cars. I might have to pick up a couple more of these. Not the big sets, but the smaller ones that give you two cars for $15. Maybe. I'll need to look at my finances.

And just as I thought, they are in scale with the Lego Racers mini-cars. So that's cool. I like that line.

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