Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Alien Striker

So I guess Alien Conquest is the line that's taking over for the Space Police Lego line. That's cool. I can pretend that it means that the Space Police failed utterly in their mission. Especially since sets in this line include farmers being abducted by aliens.

But the set I got is the smaller $5 set, and I've got to say, the fact that they included minifigures of one of the Alien investigators and an alien is kind of impressive. And there's a tiny vehicle made up less than 36 pieces, but you know what. The vehicle is awesome. I wasn't certain I'd like it, but after putting it together and placing the alien in there, it's realy neat. It really looks like something I'd expect an alien to ride in a schlock alien invasion movie.

The alien itself is much nicer than any of the creatures from the Space Police line, which I've got to admit I wasn't a fan of. As to the alien investigator: the neon blue suit and helmet makes him look like one of the Visionaries. I like it. A lot more than the Space Police look. The Space Police looked like corrupt bastards who were oppressing the aliens in the neighborhoods they patrolled. These ADU (no idea what that stands for, so let's say Alien Dispersal Unit) guys look like they're advanced, but still not certain what they're doing.


  1. That Alien is just cool looking!

  2. Alien Defence Unit?

    That is a top-quality alien, though. And I like how his vehicle has working control sticks!

  3. There are a couple sets in this new series that I wouldn't mind doing stop motion with.


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