Monday, May 23, 2011

Buyer's Remorse: Weekend of May 21-22

Time for what might be a regular feature here on Why Did I Buy That Toy? I call it "Buyer's Remorse" and it comes down to this:

I take a picture of the toys I purchased this weekend that I'm thinking of returning because I'm not certain I should have spent the money on them. At the store it seemed like a good idea, but now that the initial thrill has worn off, I don't know if I should have spent that amount of money on something I'm feeling a little so-so about. Invariably some of the items will be returned, possibly all, but I might decide that something is worth keeping, and it will eventually show up on this site. Probably in a month or so.

If there anything on here you think I ABSOLUTELY should keep, let me know and I'll take it into consideration. So here's this weekend's photo!


  1. What's up with Spider-Man's costume? I don't think I've seen the black and green version before.

  2. You should keep Cap v. Red Skull. That's pretty central, if you are going to have any Captain America minimates.

  3. I think you should keep the Cap vs Skull Mini-Mates those two are pretty cool.

  4. CounterFett: I've already got a Cap & Red Skull from the comic book wave minimates

    Mario: It's from Big Time. He works at a high tech experimental science firm now so he was able to create a suit that can turn invisible when he wants it to.

  5. Ok...well...those seem pretty redundant then.

  6. You should NOT keep those Red Lanterns. You should give them to me ;)


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