Wednesday, May 11, 2011

24 Season 1 box set

I've only watched one season of 24: the fifth season. I kind of know who the characters in this set are due to cultural osmosis, but I couldn't give you any real details. As far as I know these guys are: Nina the traitor, Jack Bauer the most badass torturing dude in the USA/Keifer Sutherland, the Black President who can now be seen selling insurance, and Elisha Cuthbert who is very pretty. Other than that I couldn't tell you anything. I don't even know why Elisha Cuthbert (who I'm pretty sure plays Jack's daughter) is wearing whatever she is wearing.

So, why did I buy these guys, aside from my overall minimate fascination?

Because the set is $5 on Amazon. That's $1.25 per minimate. That's cheaper than an apple. You know what, I'm buying another set of these just for the hell of it.

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