Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pink Ranger

Since I really like my Yellow Ranger figure, I figured I pick up another Power Ranger figure one day. When they were on sale. Then the day came where I saw them at a discount store, so I looked through the figures and decided that the Pink Ranger was the best sculpt of what they had. (Paritally beacuse all the dudes had Green Ranger shoulder pads for some reason, and really large hands.) After getting the figure out of the packaging, well, I dunno. For the most part it's almost as awesome as the Yellow Ranger, but that skirt restricts the leg articulation something awful. Which would be fine if you didn't want the figure to sit down, but half the reason I like figures in this scale is the possibility of puting them in vehicles and looking ridiculous.

The figure comes with a spinner top type thing with a battle coin that you can swap out. It's fairly ridiculous, but it works well in that when you pull the rip cord and launch the top it spins for a long time. It's kind of neat and a damn sight better than the weird eagle claw base that came with the Yellow Ranger.

But let's get to the real reason I picked up this figure. It was for pictures like this:

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