Thursday, May 19, 2011

"World of the Psychic" Peter & Vigo the Carpathian

Man, their insistance of having a human in every box of this wave lead to some really hard stretching. I mean, "World of the Psychic" Peter? From that bit at the beginning of the 2nd movie where he interviews the people with doomsday prophecies and then holds up a psychic cat. (Hence the prop included with the package?) Who really cares about "World of the Psychic" Peter?

Well if you want the big bad from the 2nd movie, Vigo, THE CAPATHIAN! then you better at least be okay with owning that Peter variant which is too long to type out but would still be shorter than whatever the hell I'm doing right now. Fortunately for Peter, my desire to have Vigo finally overcame my reluctance to own stupid variants. And Vigo comes with his demonic head. Wouldn't Ray have been a more suitable choice to come in this box? After all, Ray does briefly play host to Vigo and get to wear the big demon head.

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