Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Enchantment Under the Sea 2-Pack

Here we get the exclusive 2-pack set of Rockin' Marty McFly & "Enchantment Under the Sea" Lorraine Baines that was only available through BTTF.com or through a gray market reseller. The costumes are accurate, but I REALLY hate Marty's s### eating grin. I mean what is he so smug about? That he made it possible for his parents to concieve him? It's called a predestination paradox Marty.

I like this version of Lorraine a lot more than the version from the original 4 pack. It seems more accurate. Although since that 4 pack came with Biff in prom clothes that means what I've got in my collection is...

Yup, it's attempted rape Biff and Lorraine. WHAT THE HELL WAS UP WITH  80's MOVIES?

But I digress. I like this 2-pack. It's a good depiction of key costumes from the movie, and you get
 Marty with a guitar, and Lorraine with her handbag that you know holds booze, cigs, and possibly a condom since she apparently planned to get lucky with the boy she thought was some guy but was really her son from the future. NO SERIOUSLY, WHAT THE HELL WAS UP WITH 80's MOVIES?

I might have to bring back the "Back To the Future" tag.

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