Monday, May 9, 2011

Outdoor Adventure

So I returned that tiny 1:18 motorcycle to Wal-Mart and picked up another Adventure Wheels vehicle, this time the unnamed ATV which I'm going to assume should be called what the only other TITLE FONT words on the box say: Outdoor Adventure, Off-Road Adventure. Whatever, it's an ATV and it's supposed to be in the proper scale. And it damn well better be. I saw a GI Joe ATV at Ross the other day and I realized that it was actually just a repainted vehicle from this Adventure Wheels line. Well, they added a gun, but other than that, exact same. So really for you're paying an extra $5-10 if you want GI Joe coloring. Oh, and I guess it comes with a GI Joe figure, but is that really worth the extra amount of scratch? No. (Unless you REALLY like Leatherneck.)

Because this ATV comes with a figure too. It's a generic guy in a helmet (helmet doesn't come off) who looks sort of like the Stig from Top Gear dressed up to be a Midwest forest guy. I guess, I don't have a lot of experience with Midwestern people. Either way it's a pretty bland figure which is sadly a better constructed and better articulated figure than anything in the new Green Lantern 4 inch line. (Those things suck. Possibly even more than the DC Infinite heroes which they are clearly based.)

As for the ATV, it does what I want. Which is to say it's a damn ridiculous vehicle for my 3.75" figures to be riding.

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