Thursday, May 5, 2011

Two Wheeler (No seriously, that's what it's listed as.)

It's a motorcycle made by Maisto. This one's from Wal-Mart so they've placed it under Wal-Mart's proprietary line "Adventure Wheels" but I've seen identical looking motorcycles with different paint jobs at Target... also made by Maisto. But what's important is that this is 1:18 scale, so in theory it should be perfect for any 3.75" figures you have.

Or I have. But it turns out that previous few of my 3.75" figures have the articulation to properly get their legs and bodies on this thing. And it turns out that the few which can, are too big.

Sure they're not tooooooooooooo big, but the scale is slightly off. Fortunately the motorcycle is cheap, so there is that. Still, kinda disappointing.

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  1. she still kinda looks sexy sitting there, lol


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