Friday, May 6, 2011

Speedload 6

The new Nerf Dart Tag Guns are out, and the pistol of the line-up is the Speedload 6. Simply insert the darts directly into the Quick Load Clip to load. Instead of pulling the Slide back and releasing, you've got to pull and push it through the whole motion in order to properly load a dart into the barrel. Then fire and repeat. If you're running low, just push more darts into the Clip's opening.

Seems simple enough. Although you do have to sort of stuff the darts into the clip because the opening is tighter than you'd expect. You save time loading compared to the Maverick, but if you want real speed, you'd probably do better with a Nerf gun that uses a real clip. Also, the thing is ridiculously large for a pistol. Seriously, it's like twice the size of a Maverick. The one advantage that this Quick Load system has though: it uses the regular darts instead of the streamline darts. I'm gonna play with this for a little while before I decided if I want to return it.

So yeah: obviously it's not a super impressive gun. But it's something to consider.

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