Wednesday, May 18, 2011


So I was looking around Tuesday Mornings, trying to find some deals (I found a marionette for under a buck!) and I stumbled across a couple DCUC figures. One was the Metal Man Iron (not gonna happen) and the other one was Copperhead. Now I've got no particular attachment to Copperhead, I've only seen him in a couple comic books, and they were both in his post Underworld Unleashed Snake-man hybrid. But he did appear in the Justice League Cartoon's version of the Injustice League where he seriously inconvenienced Batman. And I do like the way this figure looks.  And I do want to broaden the range of my DCUC Villain collection. Okay, that's three reasons, I'm sold.

What is there to say about this guy? I really like the way his snake hat works. There's something that amuses me about the fact that he looks like a guy wearing a Halloween Costume. He also meets my main criteria for liking a DCUC figure: he doesn't have a cape.

Accessories? Well he comes with a button I'm not going to dignify with a picture since it doesn't even feature Copperhead on it. And he comes with Darkseid's head and ass. Because... uh... the company want Darkseid to kiss his own ass? Hmm.

You know what you can do with that head?



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