Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Space Moon Buggy

Man, I've been waiting for this set for a while. The information about it has been out for a while, I guess it's been in Europe though. Which is weird since from my understanding the whole point of the City: Space series was that they had an okay fron NASA, so you know, USA! But nope. They finally released it in the States and now I have it!

The buggy itself is okay, very simple. But this is one of the smaller $5 sets, so I wasn't expecting much. It's a one of those vehicles that isn't too much more than a brick and some wheels. Does it look like something that might come out of a space program? Sort of. It looks a lot better when you put a minifig behind the steering wheel.

As to the big reason I wanted this set, the minifigure, that looks pretty damn nice. The printing of the Space uniform looks very official and cool. The helmet, despite being made of the same piece they make the Scuba gear in the Atlantis series out of, works. That's mostly thanks to the gold paint over the head. And I must say, I like that they included an alternate hat for the astronaut. It works pretty damn well.


  1. I was iffy on these, as we discussed on the show, but you know what, it does look pretty damn cool!

  2. i have face of lego in stormtrooper


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