Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Star Sapphire: Carol Ferris

So here's a little story, I went to Wal-Mart and found the Green Lantern Classics figures there. There were only four left and I was looking through them when I realized that they were all missing the Collect & Connect part. I took them to a staff member, who took me to the staff member in charge of that department, who took me to the cashier, who called the manager. Each step I had to explain to them what the Collect & Connect figure was and how you could tell that it was missing. They ended up deciding that they'd have to talk to their Customer Service Department about this kind of thing, because none of them knew about it. Then I asked if I could buy Star Sapphire but get a discount because of the missing part. Cashier was only authorized to give me 10% off, but then said she could ask the manager, and he gave me $5 off. So hey, considering I never do the whole Collect & Connect unless I'm getting all the figures anyway, good deal. Even so: fuck you whoever did that. You are a horrible person.

As to the figure... You know it doesn't really look like the Carrol Ferris from the comics, but as a Star Sapphire it's a pretty good interpretation of a really ridiculous costume that makes many girls (and quite a few men) ashamed to like comic books. The body has trouble standing up due to balance issues of the sculpt, and the hair, combined with the ridiculous collar, limits the head articulation like always, although the hair is noticeably less rigid than other figures in the line. The new Torso joint is... odd. Although it does allow you to imitate women from "Bad Girl" comic books from the 90's.

Ultimately though, I picked this figure up to fill out my line-up of iconic DCUC villains. I've decided I'm woefully lacking in that department.


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