Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Marvel Universe Squinkies

So Squinkies are essentially capsule toys that you buy yourself and put into personal vending machines that look like trees, tea kettles, or skulls (for the boys). They're like tiny, tiny vinyl figures you buy in small plastic balls. For some reason this whole "home gumball machine" aspect of it means that you can buy small figures you normall would pay a quarter for, but now they're like $1 each. In blister cards, blind packs, and what have you. I've been intrigued by them, but not enough to pay for it... But then I got a coupon that sort of made the price palatable, so let's squash that curiosity.

One of the licensed boys version of the Squinkies is Marvel. I picked up a bag of Series 2 (2 squinkies packed blind bagged) and I guess the licensing fees are prety high because it's two for $2.50. When I opened it up I saw that I had recieved... Doctor Doom and the Silver Surfer. Thank god, Doom was the only one I would have been happy about. They're both... weird... which is sort of the point i guess. But they're also made of transparent plastic, so... I don't know. I think all the figures in this line are supposed to be made of transparent plastic with some paint applications.

How the hell are you supposed to review these things? They're clearly not worth $1.25 each. But I refuse to buy the playset dispenser which might make the whole experience worth it. Ah well.

I'm keeping Doom and putting the Surfer into Claw Mania. Someone can win it one day.


  1. That's really bizarre - I got the exact same pairing in the one pack of Series 2 Marvel Squinkies I picked-up...