Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Armored Daredevil & Moon Knight

Oh who gives a crap about Armored Daredevil. Why would a man without fear need armor? I'm guessing this was a 90's thing, because any time I hear "armored superhero costume variant" I think it's because of the 1990's.

But I did want the Moon Knight minimate. I guess the big thing these days is Moon Knight as a crazy dude with multiple personalities and a violent take on vigilante justice. But once upon a time he was a White Suit Batman who was tricked into fighting a good guy werewolf. Then he got bitten by the werewolf and gets stronger as the phases of the moon get closer to a full moon. Then the cult who worship the God who ressurected him give him moon based weapons from ancient Egypt designed by a time travelling Hawkeye.

Whatever, he'll always be the Marvel analogue to Batman who showed up in the background of crossover series to me.

And his minimate figure has a big flowing cape which is a pain in the ass because it's too big, inflexible, and screws up his center of balance and articulation. Not worth it really.

Especially when you're packed with armored Daredevil.

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