Friday, June 17, 2011

School Cafeteria

When I saw the accessories that came in this set I knew it must be mine. I mean look at all that stuff, a counter! A cash register! A vending machine! That cash register actually has an opening drawer with a sticker of money in it!

Also you get some food and drink stuff.

All items you could expect to buy at a European lunch counter, or an IKEA. Healthy fruit, rolls, milk, and some generic shortbread cookies. Also a plunger. Which leads to the weird fact that this school cafeteria set comes with a janitor/handyman. I guess cafeterias need a guy to sweep up and fix plumbing. Although how many times have you seen a handyman working on the plumbing when you're buying a sandwich? Seems like something that the administration might not want eaters to see.

Of course the real gem in this set is the vending machine. It dispenses bottles when you push the wheel. It's kinda cool. And its perectly in scale with the 2 or 3 inch minifigures.

.Aww, Gollum wants a soda. A precious, precious soda. Unless those are bottles filled with wine. Actually that's the main reason I picked up this set. I loved the potential uses of the accessories with my minifigures. The comedy potential is just too great.

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  1. A great set and you have me eyeball Playmobil toys everytime i go into Toys R Us now lol. : )